richa chadha statement on women: Richa Chadha Web Series Candy: These days Richa Chadha is gathering discussion for her web series ‘Candy’.

Actress Richa Chadha is as fearless an artist as she is a fearless person. The more powerful characters she plays on screen, she expresses her opinion on social issues with the same strength in real life. According to Richa, who is in the news these days for her web series ‘Candy’, one should never be afraid to speak the truth, as it inspires others. Here’s an exclusive conversation:

Lawyer in ‘Section 375’, Chief Minister in ‘Madam Chief Minister’, RAW agent in ‘Lahore Confidential’ and now DSP in ‘Candy’, you continue to play powerful women on screen. Do you think that even in reality it would be better for the society if there were women in such strong positions?
100 percent. What have men done by being in powerful positions? If women remain in the leadership role, then it will definitely be good for the society, because men have lived for so many years, what have they done! Vacant pollution has increased, expenditure on defense has increased, less expenditure is being spent on health and education. See, a progressive society is one where the press has freedom. Women should have the freedom that they can go to work at any time, wearing anything, it is not so in our country, so we need women in strong positions. This Kovid epidemic has also shown us that whether it is New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern or Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, these people have saved their country very well from this epidemic, so it is high time that women take such positions. Stay on

By the way, having a strong position of women is rarely tolerated by our male-dominated society. This discrimination is also visible in the film industry, whether there is a difference in payment or the distance of big actors from female-centric films. What do you think about this?
It is absolutely right, but the day men will remember who gave birth to them, they will start to tolerate it. You are right, there is this discrimination in our industry. Like ‘Madam Chief Minister’ I did very little, just for the amount of respect, because I felt that this film should be done. I also knew that many big actresses were eyeing that role. That filmmaker Subhash Kapoor stuck to me, so I have taken a name fee for that film. Then, there is also the nepotism that there are many children from the film industry who, whether acting or not, get projects with strong roles in the very beginning, look how wonderful they are, they can carry the whole film on their shoulders. Whereas, people like us take eight years to get such films. It is a matter of staying away from female-centric films of big actors, so those who are insecure actors think so. There are some secure actors too, who don’t care. Among them is Ali (boyfriend Ali Fazal), who did ‘Bobby Jasoos’.

In the web series ‘Candy’, you are in the role of a cop, who is the first to be corrupt. In real life, the image of the policemen that has been created here has been more to harass the helpless. What do you think about this?
I believe there are all kinds of people in every field. There are people in journalism too, who fearlessly show the truth. He goes to jail to show the truth. They are not afraid of him either. At the same time, there are some people, who are so sycophantic, who only see the fees and EMI of their children. The same is true in the police. There are some absolutely corrupt people, who are no less than goons, goons in uniform and some who are honest, they themselves are helpless, are suffering from the system, who do not get paid, die on duty, then somewhere Somewhere the policemen are crushed from both sides. I am not defending them, because corruption really has no place, but fearless and cowardly, corrupt and honest people of all kinds are everywhere.

Boldly speaking the truth, one has to bear the loss.
(in the middle) nothing happens, no damage. Don’t even think that there will be loss. There is no loss, but after a time people get inspiration. It gives encouragement that there is someone who is telling the truth. Sometimes speaking the truth is not necessary because we show how honest we are, that’s why it is necessary that someone is speaking man, when everyone is sitting in silence. This is very important. How long shall we sit in fear? We do everything. We also pay tax, give you status too. You don’t do anything and we are afraid, how will this work. This is a poem by Kunwar Narayan, which is going on so much in the farmers’ movement that he is afraid that one day the fear will end. This is true. Whereas, any kind of fear is not good for the society.

You played the role of Chief Minister in ‘Madam Chief Minister’. If you get a chance to become CM in real life, what change would you like to bring?
I don’t know about CM in real life, but if I make me a representative of the film industry, I would like to change a lot of things. I will fix the working hours that there will be only 12 hours shift. Compensation for the people who are always at risk of life on the sets like stuntmen, lightmen, their families, medical and health insurance for the actors and royalties should be given to everyone. Recently there were many elderly actors, who were sick, it was very painful to read about them that they told people that I am in ICU, I need money for treatment. I was very sad to read all this. People who have spent their whole life on screen should not be in this condition. There must be something for such artists. I would like to make many small changes like this.

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