Riccardo Simonetti: Influencer honored for his work

Riccardo Simonetti
Influencer honored for his work

Riccardo Simonetti is now one of the winners of the “Pride Awards”.

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The German influencer Riccardo Simonetti has received the “Pride Award” from “Attitude” magazine in London.

Great joy for Riccardo Simonetti (29): The influencer, author and moderator has been awarded the “Attitude Pride Icon” award by “Attitude” magazine in London. With the event every year, the magazine introduces people who are committed to the LGBTQ* scene.

In addition to Simonetti, the British “Heartstopper” actress Yasmin Finney (18), the French DJ Kiddy Smile (39) and the Dutch activist Naomie Pieter were also honored with the awards this year. Previous winners of the award were Dua Lipa (26) and Taylor Swift (32).

The embodiment of the motto “Be yourself”

The magazine appreciates Simonetti on his website for his fight against homophobia. He is the embodiment of the motto “Be yourself,” it says there. Simonetti was also happy in an Instagram post about the award.

For a picture of himself in a pink Gucci suit on stage, the native Bavarian writes that he cannot express in words how much the award means to him. “To receive recognition for raising awareness of issues that are so close to my heart and to be in the same room with so many people who are devoting their lives to fighting discrimination is really motivating.”


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