Rezková put it to Gottová: Frosty ortel!

Gottova she allegedly molested her son Reeds, he was still a young boy at that time. But the biggest problem came when Gottová fell asleep with a lit cigarette in Rezková’s house and set the whole room on fire. After that, Šárka’s partner intervened and ordered Gottová to leave the house where she found a home in trouble.

Dominika Gottová: She broke through in Germany, like dad! The radio played her song For you

But Gottová coped with this in her own way and spat dirt on Šárka wherever she could. She accused the singer of cheating on her boyfriend and borrowing money from her. At the same time, it was clear how deep Gottová has in her pocket.

“You want to help, you want to help naively. I’ve never gambled on anything, I don’t like it, I go straight for everything. I didn’t want to get into any kind of media war. Unfortunately, that happened and I stopped communicating with Dominika.” Rezková told and added: “I told her through the newspaper that I wish her the best of luck and that she starts treatment and recovers.” Otherwise I don’t communicate with her because it doesn’t work. She herself thinks that she doesn’t have a problem with alcohol, so she can’t be helped. So I haven’t been in contact with her for the past two years, I’m not looking for her and vice versa. But it was a good flight then.’

Dominika Gottová: I remember my dad when I eat good food and when I sing the song For you

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