Revolution after “Avatar 2”: James Cameron reveals new villains for “Avatar 3”

In an interview, James Cameron spoke about the fact that a completely new Na’vi race will await us in “Avatar 3”.

Like “Avatar – Aufbruch nach Pandora”, the sequel “Avatar: The Way of Water” thrilled the audience and made the box office ring. The film has since grossed $1.4 billion worldwide, making it the second highest-grossing film of the last year (via BoxOfficeMojo). The latest installment in the franchise has introduced a new Na’vi race, the water-loving Metkayina, distinct from the Omaticaya of the first film.

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But it shouldn’t stay that way. Like director JamesCameron in a conversation with 20 Minutes (via ScreenRant) has declared should be in “Avatar 3” introduce a new race associated with the element of fire:

“In the next film, viewers can expect to see cultures that are different from those I have already shown. The fire will be represented by the ‘ash people’. I want to show the Na’vi from a different perspective because so far I’ve only shown their good sides. In the early films there are very negative examples of humans and very positive examples of Na’vi. In ‘Avatar 3’ we will do the opposite. We’ll also get to know new worlds as we continue the story of the main characters. I can say that the last parts will be the best. The others were an introduction, a way to set the table before the food is served. But of course it all depends on how ‘Avatar 2’ is received, whether it finds its audience.”

We already have some thoughts on “Avatar 3”:

If you want to watch the first part again, you can do so on Disney+, for example

So far the Na’vi have been presented to us as a peace-loving and natural people. The coming Ash Na’vi will certainly be much more aggressive, in line with the element of fire, and will question the known image of the species. So in “Avatar 3” the humans will probably not be the antagonists, but the new Na’vi people. Along with the new race, we will also get to know their habitat, which could be in the volcanic regions of Pandora.

Although “Avatar 3” with the December 18, 2024 already has a fixed start date, but Cameron himself is skeptical as to whether this and the other dates for the sequels can be met. So fans may have to wait a little longer before we can get to know the fire Na’vi.

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