Review | You Don’t Know Me – Netflix’s Criminal Thriller Miniseries is Full of Twists!

There are stories of fiction that are so well written – and better yet staged – that they don’t even seem like someone’s fabrication. Much of this happens because the facts presented bring a tone so close to our reality, that we tend to believe that the story we see actually happened. A good example of this is the newest production ‘You don’t know me‘, miniseries which recently debuted on Netflix and, since then, it has been successful among spectators, remaining among the most watched in the world. top 10 of the platform.

hero (Samuel Adewunmi) is in the dock. His trial has already taken place, but, in an attempt to tell his version of events, he decides to dismiss his lawyer at the last moment to take advantage of the closing arguments space to speak the truth. This is how he shares how he met the mysterious Kyra (Sophie Wilde) casually on the bus and fell in love with her – and how she is what ties him to the murder charge against jamil (Roger Jean Nsengiyumva). While reporting the events, new characters are being inserted into the events that led to the crime, such as his sister Bless (Bukky Bakray), your great friend short (Tuwaine Barrett) and the gangster Face (Michael Balogun). Ready to hear your sentence, hero need to prove his innocence to the jury and the judge (Michael Gould), even though all the evidence against him is conveniently extremely evident.

Divided into just four episodes of nearly an hour each and originally produced by BBCYou don’t know me‘ is right to develop its story in the format of miniseries (that is, we will not have other seasons, as the story ends here), but the way in which the Tom Edge is assembled gives a hold on the evolution of the plot, as not only do the episodes always begin with the protagonist in the courtroom, recapitulating past events, but also during the story the narrative is frequently interrupted to bring us back to the present time, in which hero is being judged. In this way, every time we engage in the story, we are taken back to the jury, where only hero speaks, and that makes one impatient.

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Based on the book by thriller legal in Imram Mahmoodthe series of Sarmad Masud presents the viewer with a story that seems simple, of an ordinary guy who used to work selling cars and loved his job, but who, upon meeting the woman of his life, begins to make a series of bad decisions that keep winding him up. further into a seemingly endless whirlwind in the criminal underworld, leading him to prison. In that regard, Imram Mahmood manages to build an atmosphere of constant tension that we can anticipate that something serious is about to happen, and, consequently, we come across the truth behind the crime.

With a fetched (and controversial) explanation in a final sequence filled with plot twists that accelerate the plot’s closing, ‘You don’t know me‘ is miniseries engaging, that holds our attention from start to finish, even though the episodes can be ten minutes shorter. The surprising ending will certainly divide opinions, but it is a good choice for those who enjoy a story of crime in a legal environment such as the series ‘For Life‘ and ‘The Power and the Law‘, because you can marathon the entire season in one night.

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