Review – Together and Tangled

When we talk about current popular national cinema, we are pointing the finger directly at Brazilian comedies that tend to be successful here with great ease.

In the year 2021, unfortunately, we lost one of our biggest humor stars of recent times: actor and comedian Paulo Gustavo, who left much of the country in tears for his sudden departure, but above all, so unfair.

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He made the My Mother Is a Piece franchise to the top of the box office; in the third film ended up taking more than 11 million spectators to the cinemas.

It just wasn’t bigger than Alexandre Avancini’s Nada a Perder (2018), however, there are reports of empty halls with all tickets sold, indicating a discrepancy between the reported number of spectators and the actual audience.

It is safe to say that even after the departure of dear Paulo Gustavo, we will still have national comedies earning their deserved space, as new comedians appear every day. One of these that has gained more and more space is Rafael Portugal, who is an actor, composer and presenter of the humorous roundtable A Culpa É do Cabral, a very popular program on Brazilian television.

Together with fellow comedian Cacau Protásio, they form the best we have in the new comedy Juntos e Enrolados, which has just premiered in movie theaters all over Brazil, bringing the story of Júlio (Rafael Portugal) and Daiana (Cacau Protásio) who finally achieve the dream of holding the long-awaited wedding party, so they can get together as the costumes dictate. The situation seems to be flowing well and under control, until Júlio receives a message from his ex-girlfriend Melissa (Emanuelle Araujo) on his cell phone, shortly before the ceremony begins. A general confusion ensues and all plans go down the drain. The wedding was canceled, but the party needs to go on, so the couple and all the guests will find – each in their own way – a way to deal with the situation.

It is not so strange to see so many comedies, national or international, that depend a lot on the charisma and individual talent of their cast, especially those who star in the plot in question.

This is the case of Juntos e Enrolados, which depends directly on the faces and mouths and stutters of Rafael Portugal to achieve something really comical, as the script written by the threesome Cláudio Torres Gonzaga, Rodrigo Goulart and Sabrina Garcia was not of much help.

Here we have that typical chaotic situation that usually provides plenty of material for comedians to show their talents, each in their own way. Among all the cast, Rafael Portugal is the one who best takes advantage of the situation, showing the figure of the insecure and very anxious man that he wants to do the right thing, but ends up getting in the way and making some choices that only complicate the situation.

In Juntos e Enrolados, the comedian born in Rio de Janeiro could be a more caricatured version of some of the characters played in the cinema by actor Ben Stiller, an expert in manifesting anxious and debased types.

Now, her partner Cacau Protásio repeats something that is very common to her: the figure of the empowered woman who is not even a little shy about raising her voice louder than everyone else on stage to show who is in charge of the mood.

This tactic lives on from that concept ‘trial and success, trial and error’, that is, sometimes it’s funny, other times not so much.

It’s a shame that we can’t say the same for the supporting characters in the story, who did little to deserve some positive highlight. This lack of support is greatly regretted, as it would help bring a little more laughter and shine to the comedy directed by the duo Eduardo Vaisman and Rodrigo Van Der Put.

In the end, only Rafael Portugal really tried to unroll something from this whole reel!

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