Review | The Prophecy of Evil – Irregular TERROR Opens in Theaters Mixing Fanaticism and Religion

One of the main sources of inspiration for horror movies and thriller it is the catholic religion. If, on the one hand, the faithful are inspired by the words of Christ transcribed in the Bible, on the other hand, the film industry takes the gaps in this text to create fictions that are based on the teachings of the disciples to speculate stories whose context is understood by the target audience, almost always leaning on one of humanity’s oldest dilemmas: the battle between good and evil. In this vein, it opens this week in Brazilian cinemas. thriller with horrorThe Prophecy of Evil‘.

Laura (Alice Orr-Ewing) is a researcher of the Catholic religion who traveled to Italy to apply for a scholarship at the same time that one of the most important cathedrals in the region opens its doors for the first public exhibition of one of the most precious artifacts of humanity: the shroud of Jesus, the mantle that would have enveloped him when he died crucified. Because of his good contact with the priest Marconi (Joe Doyle), Laura gets exclusive access to the place to portray the statue of the archangel Miguel defeating Lucifer, while the audience appreciates the sacred fabric. However, while he is drawing, a sinister figure appears (Eveline Hall) and steals the shroud, thus starting a war between celestial entities with a single objective: to create a child in the laboratory with the shroud’s DNA and, thus, open the gates of hell once and for all so that all creatures of the Morning Star can return to the surface.

Despite containing some small spoilers in this synopsis, explaining these points is necessary so that the viewer can simply understand ‘The Prophecy of Evil‘. This is because the plot of the film is quite confusing, without explaining things very openly and leaving a lot of information implied – things that we only understand in full at the end, putting together the intentions of the scenes. the script of Ed Alan begins with the dispute between the archangel Miguel and Lucifer there in the underworld, then introduces the protagonist in an academic context, introduces the priest who will be the hero and, only after that, the villain enters, whose purpose is not very clear until almost halfway through the film. During the time the viewer is in the dark about the story, we are inclined to think of other possibilities, not understanding the interest in the shroud and the object’s relationship to what is being said by the bad guys.

Nathan Frankowski does not bring regularity to his film, trying to embrace several fronts at the same time. However, in the final stretch, when the whole thing actually goes to the horrorthe film delivers good scenes of the genre, including possession, eschatology and fanaticism set in a context of dispute between good and evil with speeches given by a group that joins in a secret society to worship fanatical ideologies.

For those who are thirsty for horror movies, ‘The Prophecy of Evil‘ it is a thriller with footprint of horror in a style conspiracy story ‘The Da Vinci Code‘. Irregular in its construction, it has an interesting final arc for fans of the genre.

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