Review | The Princess – Joey King Breaks It All as Warrior Princess in Starplus Action Movie

Many action movies had as main characteristic the fact that they had little or no history and they used almost exclusively in the fight established by their protagonist. This style, which became so popular during the 1980s, ended up stigmatizing the genre as aimed only at men. Over time – and the new perspectives of the film industry – the genre was merged with others (such as comedy it’s the thriller) and diversifying, especially by placing women as protagonists as well. Since then, there have been many stories with a footprint that distances themselves from this format, until we reach ‘The princess’a new action feature from hulu that arrives in Brazil through the platform starplus.

The princess (Joey Kingthe eternal Rory in ‘Gilmore Girls‘ but who recently also starred in the trilogy ‘The Kissing Tent‘) wakes up in a bed and finds herself chained, trapped in a room. Without understanding why, she desperately tries to break free, until the arrival of two guards forces her to fight for her life. While escaping from the top of the castle tower, the Princess is facing a series of obstacles and guards, however, always remembering the teachings of her mentor. line (Veronica Ngo) and Khai (Kristofer Kamiyasu) on how to fight using patience and breathing. On the way, little by little the Princess is putting together the pieces of the puzzle of her situation, and she realizes that she was being forced to marry Julius (Dominic Cooper), a tyrant king who is invading his father’s kingdom and has imprisoned the King (Ed Stoppard) and the Queen (Alex Reid). Now it is in her hands to fight for her own destiny and that of her people.

At an hour and a half long, it is even difficult to describe a story for ‘The princess‘ because his plot is the same: the princess escaping from the castle tower. That’s it. Filled with long sequences of scenes from actionthe script of Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton it has no story, consisting only of the fight sequences. At least, however, these are well-made, well-choreographed and convincing, such is the dynamism and agility of both the cast involved and the frenetic camera of the Vietnamese director. Le-Van Kietwhich gives even more rhythm to the loose beating, both indoors and in more open spaces.

It does not go unnoticed not only the influences of the world disney (after all, the starplus is a more adult arm of the company’s digital platform Mickey Mouse) in the film as well as borrowings from fairy tales that were and are so successful in the magical universe of Walt Disney. Thus, fans will be able to easily identify a Jack Sparrow in the Princess’s aerial escapades as well as read in the background of the character’s story elements and behaviors of ‘Sleeping Beauty‘, a jasmine in ‘Aladdin‘, ‘Cinderella‘, ‘brave‘, O Bruno in ‘Charm‘ and so on.

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With very few lines, almost no story and unnamed characters, ‘The princess‘ it is a action movie a la the 1980s, but revamped with a female role. It fulfills the action it promises, and entertains to the extent that each spectator’s disbelief is suspended. However, the characters lacked a little charisma, after all, to deconstruct stereotypes it is necessary for the audience to connect with the story.

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