Review | The Perfect Mother-In-Law – Cacau Protásio HILÁRIA in the leading role of the new national comedy

Since he stood out internationally on the program ‘Go what glue’, Protasium Cocoa never stopped shining. With an unmistakable voice and a stage presence that attracts the spotlight to her wherever she is, the year 2021 is being the harvest period for the Brazilian actress. After launching ‘lashing of love‘ at the beginning of the second semester, Cocoa now back to the Brazilian movie theaters with the comedythe perfect mother-in-law‘, a new release that promises to be the official start of the holiday season.

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neide (Protasium Cocoa) is a big mother who can’t wait for the moment her child Fabio Junior (Luis Navarro) will leave the house. However, at 27 years of age, the boy does not give any indication that he has plans for this, after all, neide does everything for him: buy his favorite milk, cook his food and arrange his little clothes. But Neide is also a renowned entrepreneur, owner of a reference beauty salon in the neighborhood, located in a house shared with her ex-husband, jailson (André Mattos). when the young Ciléia (Polliana Aleixo) arrives from the countryside looking for a job in the salon, neide he sees in the girl his potential daughter-in-law, and, to hook his son, neide will count on the help of friends Sheila (Evelyn Castro) e Eddy (Rodrigo Sant’Anna) to mold Ciléia to learn everything the way your precious child likes.

Written by Flávia Guimaraes e Bia Crespo from the original idea of Dani Valente, ‘the perfect mother-in-law‘ is comedy which portrays a custom rooted in our society that the man must always be taken care of by the woman – a task that is passed on from the mother to the man’s wife from the moment of union between the two. Although many cultures value the transmission of knowledge from parents to young married couples, modern Western culture is today more focused on women’s independence from domestic obligations and men’s self-sufficiency within the home. Although the concept sounds outdated, it is an idea that still lasts – and a lot – in our society, and portrays a good part of Brazilian family structures.

Cris D’Amato hits the nail on the list Protasium Cocoa for the protagonism of this film, presenting her as a woman with financial independence and owner of her own business and her own body. The partnership between the director and the actress gives this film that familiarity aspect, as it gives the impression that we know those characters, that street and those stories. Cris makes Cocoa shine in each scene, bringing out the best of this one of the best actresses in the brazilian comedy.

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the perfect mother-in-law‘ is one of those movies that seem to be inspired by someone we know. By comedy the film proposes a reflection on the culture that we only have to leave the house when we are already married. To do this, it shows that ‘the perfect mother-in-law‘ it can be any woman, any mother, and that even this mother has the right to be successful in her work and to have her own space of privacy at home, whether she has children or not. It’s a movie to laugh is to recognize a lot of grown man in the role of Fabio Junior and a lot of mommy in the role of Neide.

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