Review | The Menu serves climate pie with desperation roulade… and it’s SCARY!

Anya Taylor-Joy She is one of my favorite actresses nowadays. All of her projects have a seal of guarantee that few Hollywood talents can deliver. Since it appeared in ‘The witch‘, going through ‘Fragmented‘ until you get to ‘The Queen’s Gambit🇧🇷 Anya earned a brilliant resume full of successes.

And in the suspense ‘The menu‘ is no different. Even surrounded by other great talented Hollywood stars, such as Ralph Fiennes and Nicholas Hoult, the actress stands out and delivers an extremely tense and disturbing performance. After all, the protagonist has a hard time here.

The script written by Seth Reiss and Will Tracy uses few elements to make a very dense broth. Yes, I will be using several infamous food metaphors throughout this review. And I hope you enjoy them.

The story follows a young couple, Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Tyler (Nicholas Hoult🇧🇷 She is a simple girl, and he is a millionaire who takes her to a desert island in the hope of eating at a restaurant owned by a renowned chef (Fiennes🇧🇷 Everything seems very sophisticated and glamorous at first, but soon Margot begins to notice that behind the kitchen there is a dark secret that is revealed in each of the amazing dishes served. But will they survive until dessert?

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🇧🇷The menu‘ is one of those hard-to-digest movies that takes you on a tortuous journey without needing many ingredients. And with sharp dialogues and desperate situations, the suspense creates a roller coaster of sensations over just over 1 hour and forty minutes of production.

Imagine the pleasure of watching the construction of aesthetically beautiful dishes in the best style Masterchef mixed with a sharp script that weaves social criticism and brings surprising twists? This is ‘The menu🇧🇷

The film subverts all expectations and treads a successful path as it works with each of its protagonists and develops them brilliantly, thanks to the talent of the cast. In addition to Anya, Ralph Fiennes it’s as scary as yours Voldemortin ‘Harry Potter🇧🇷 Maybe a little more insane.

Much of the film’s success rests on the director’s wit. Mark Mylodwho commanded the comedy ‘What is your number?‘ and episodes of ‘Succession🇧🇷 It creates a sophisticated look to the suspense, which terrifies even in an extremely glamorous setting. It’s a visual treat, while giving you a bit of indigestion. After all, it’s so much tension that you can practically cut it with a knife.

Finally, ‘The menu‘ is one of the most pleasant surprises of a year that has been great for thriller and horror movie fans. He serves a climão pie with a roulade of fun and despair. And it’s DELICIOUS. All flavors and sensations are explored here, and the viewer can taste them with pleasure. In the end, there’s that taste of wanting more.

I watched the film at the Rio Festival, and it officially arrives in national cinemas on November 17th🇧🇷

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