Review | The Man in the North – A Masterpiece Orchestrated by Robert Eggers

When revenge is the only way to a destiny. In his third feature film, the American filmmaker Robert Eggers performs a masterpiece, deep in its reflection, which presents us with a bloody story of revenge to family ties corrupted with hints of mysticism. Without forgetting the action in the movement of this huge board full of fascinating pieces, we are involved in an almost Shakespearean epic that also drinks from the source of Conan the Barbarian, full of clashes with elaborations of metaphors on all sides with an exquisite work by Eggers in the direction. This is a movie to be seen in a movie theater, essential for the total experience.

In the plot, we meet Amleth (Alexander Skarsgard), at first a young man who sees his world fall apart when he watches the violent death of his father, King Aurvandil (Ethan Hawke). Vowing revenge, he flees the place he knew as home and undergoes an enormous transformation without ceasing to be consumed by a thirst for retaliation that makes him return years later to the place where he was born to confront, and even terrorize, those responsible for the death. from your father. But on this path, some unpredictable variables arise, such as a feeling he was always confused about, love.

The plot is loosely based on the story of Amleth, which appears in the collection written by the medieval Danish writer and historian Saxo Grammaticus, the Gesta Danorum. And yes, Amleth is phonetically very similar to Hamlet! Legend has it that Shakespeare was inspired by the saga of Amleth to create the famous story of the prince of Denmark. In the man of the north numerous parallels can be drawn between the trajectory and even the obstacles of these two fascinating characters.

Family conflicts and their surprises lead the protagonist to an impressive deconstruction but at the same time, consumed by his only feeling as a focus, revenge, navigates the real and the belief to form his personality in a time of intense battles and betrayals to leave. jaw dropped. There are impactful scenes that generate conflicting reflections, especially when the variable of love is included in the protagonist’s thinking.

Many words can define this feature film. Epic is undoubtedly one of them. Estimated at around US$60 million, the project is set during Iceland’s early colonization, before the year 1000 AD, an icy land that is difficult to access. In its plot and the way the story is told, within a simple narrative but with a lot of intensity in the dialogues, it takes us on a rich journey about the customs and culture of this place, and also of the people who lived there.

And how important is the research area in a film project! The wealth of details of the Viking culture is enchanting, from the emblematic hulls of the vessels with an air of umbratil to the way of life, which are the result of the meticulous research that the production carried out with historians and archaeologists on medieval history.

the man of the north is one of the most impactful films released in theaters in recent years. A history lesson, a fable about revenge, the discovery by many of a culture extremely dedicated to war and its mythical beliefs, an impeccable production that deserves to be seen in theaters.

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