Review | The Curse – Dawn of the Dead – ZOMBIES Seek Revenge in horror from the writer of ‘Zombie Raid’

It is not new that the productions south koreans have been successful among the Brazilian public. Since the doramaswhich so enchant young people and teenagers, to the classics that recently took home awards, such as ‘Parasite‘ and ‘Round 6‘, productions from the southern part of the island of Korea are captivating the world, in all areas. It would not be different with regard to productions of the horror genre and its derivatives, because, as we could see with ‘zombie invasion‘, the people there have a lot to talk about. The most recent title from that country that reaches the Brazilian public is called ‘The Curse – Awakening of the Dead‘, and arrives from this week to national movie theaters.

Im Jin Hee 🇧🇷Uhm Ji-won) is a young journalist who dropped everything to start her own independent news outlet. As a result, she struggles to keep up with the bills and needs to sell her books, which talk about the occult and demonic possession, but few people take her seriously. One day she is invited to give an interview to a local radio station, and, during the conversation, she is interrupted by a listener, who calls claiming to be the murderer of a recent case of bizarre homicide that had not yet been disclosed by the police. The listener demands to give an exclusive to Jin🇧🇷 Confused and scared, Jin agrees to the interview, but did not expect that the murderer would crumble to dust just like the victim murdered days before, and that all this would mean a great conspiracy in which a horde of zombies assassins seeks revenge against directors of a large multinational.

Written by Sang-ho yeonsame screenwriter of ‘zombie invasion‘ (2016) and ‘Zombie Invasion 2: Peninsula‘ (2020), it is clear that the screenwriter’s passion is to think of stories that involve zombies🇧🇷 This is cool because fans of this type of film can keep following his productions and will always find good entertainment involving the undead – which in ‘The Curse – Awakening of the Dead‘ are people who come back to life and murder people in the conventional way, only when the police discover their identities, they realize that the murderers have been dead for months. A good balcony.

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🇧🇷The Curse – Awakening of the Dead‘ mixes several genres, without defining itself as any of them. Despite having dozens of zombies running everywhere in a choreographed way (which causes a very cool visual effect) and an interesting makeup to create bubbles on people’s faces when they come into contact with a certain substance, perhaps the genre that most defines the film Yong-wan kim be the da actiongiven the varied chase scenes policeman, running around, tension under arms, etc. The film still finds space to root its motivation in cultural aspects of a neighboring country, Indonesia, and its occult rituals of manipulation of the dead – the jaechaui, the dead who revive and are able to speak.

With a lot of action and something of horror🇧🇷The Curse – Awakening of the Dead‘ surprises for its quality and for bringing real elements to its argument. Even focusing on one genre and hitting the other, it is a good film that will please those who already follow the stories of Sang-ho yeonin addition to a zombie movie on the big screen is always a good choice in theaters.

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