Review | The Baby – HBO Max Horror Miniseries Is Weird and Comical

For many, motherhood is a gift, a dream dreamed of and encouraged since they were young. For others, motherhood is an uninteresting experience. And since the world is not divided into dual pairs, between these two poles there are nuances, such as women who did not want or did not plan to have children and who, for some reason, ended up having them, even if adopted, and, during the process, ended up developing mothers. Regardless of the journey, motherhood isn’t always easy, it’s not always that margarine commercial that is sold in the movies and series we grew up watching. Allegorically, that’s what it’s all about’The baby‘, new miniseries in horror comic of HBO Maxis now available on the platform with weekly episodes.

natasha (michelle de swarte) is fine alone. She likes to meet her friends to play games, smoke and chat, but when one of them brings her daughter to girls’ night and the other tells her she’s pregnant, natasha realizes that her friends’ world is changing and no longer includes shows like the ones she enjoys. Indignant at the attitude of colleagues, natasha decides to rent a cabin on a secluded spot on the coast to clear his head and think about his feelings. However, what was supposed to be a reflective weekend turns into his worst nightmare, as, as soon as he settles in, a body falls from the hill right next to the house and, miraculously, a baby also falls from the sky. literally in your lap. Awkwardly, she will have to decide whether or not she is interested in mothering a child, even if the little creature seems to encourage a bit bizarre behavior in people.

Divided into eight episodes of just thirty minutes each, ‘The baby‘ is an American-British co-production, shot in England with an English-accented main cast. Thus, the roadmap Sian Robins-Gracefrom its creation and Lucy Gaymer, is all based on that British sense of humor that often doesn’t make us Brazilians laugh. The protagonist doesn’t say a line without saying a bad word, some situations end up being weird for us, but they must make some sense in that culture, so we kind of ignore it.

We make this caveat because the first two episodes have a lot of that bizarre feel, which can end up alienating the viewer; however, insist: from the third episode the whole thing gets so surreal, it becomes comical. Throughout, the suspenseful atmosphere of terror drives the plot of the murderous baby who kills people. Indeed, Albie Hills, the child who plays the baby, is extremely expressive! It’s amazing how, even without speaking, she manages to convey a series of emotions that make the atmosphere of fear grow about this character as harmless as malefic.

With a very peculiar footprint, in its own way ‘The baby‘ ends up shedding light on the difficulties of mothering. Through the artifice of speculative fiction, the miniseries touches on a deep theme, even if that is not its objective. For those who like news in horrorit’s worth watching ‘The baby‘ by the mysterious and murderous child. It’s just a shame this weekly episode thing, which breaks the mood. At least the first three episodes are available for free on the HBO Max.

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