Review | Sweet Home Bar – Ben Affleck stars in George Clooney’s feature about The Positive Male Universe

In times of rethinking the education of humanity – both adults and children, and generations to come -, we do a lot of criticism and self-criticism about how women and men were educated within certain models that were passed on to us for granted and, unconsciously, we reproduce because they are what we understand as socially accepted… until this model is questioned. And one of those models is what is being called toxic masculinity. Consequently, we must also ask what is being done – in life in society and, particularly, in the entertainment industry, which is our beach – to create new positive examples? A good solution in this regard is the long ‘Sweet Home Bar‘, brand new release of Prime Video to open your season 2022.

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JR (Daniel Ranieri) and the mother (Lily Rabe) have just moved back to their grandfather’s house (Christopher Lloyd), where he also lives Tio Charlie (Ben Affleck) and a bunch of other relatives, who come and go very often because their grandfather’s house is a safe haven. And it’s through Tio Charlie that JR receives a positive male figure in his life, since his own father had abandoned his mother long ago and, for him, the father is just a voice on the radio. while watching Tio Charlie manage the bar Dickens, JR she learns all the good examples he gives her about being a man, and, little by little, she gains the sympathy of other adult men who frequent the bar. Over time, JR (now Tye sheridan) enters college and discovers the real challenges of being a good man outside the home.

Inspired by his own memoir J.R. Moehringer, ‘Sweet Home Bar‘ is a simple story film, about a boy who becomes a man and all the influence he had to become a good man. From the beginning the roadmap William Monahan points out how much the protagonist is influenced all the time, especially by the figure of Uncle Charlie, always concerned with making the boy a man who is good for what he is. Thus, unlike many Hollywood productions (and other countries), in ‘Sweet Home Bar‘ the central characters do not encourage experiences with prostitutes, or with mistreatment of women, nor with gambling and/or situations that place men as superior. It’s nice to see the interaction of Ben Affleck with the young actor Daniel Ranieri – and this performance may yield some indication of a supporting role to our Batman.

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With a simple, linear story and no twists, ‘Sweet Home Bar‘ brings a story of growth and maturation of a boy contemplated by a positive male support network, which does not reinforce machismo. And still bring the darling Christopher Lloyd (The Doc, from ‘Back to the future‘), already old, in the cast, which also helps to warm the heart. A movie to watch already betting on the awards season, although the highlight is even in the part where the protagonist is still an infant, making the viewer tired when he enters adulthood.

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