Review | Serial Kelly – Gaby Amarantos Debuts on the Big Screen as SERIAL KILLER Matadora de Machistas

Gaby Amarantos has been gaining prominence on the national scene. Having started her career as a singer in 2002, it was more or less in 2012 that she expanded her ascension nationally, after having her songs appear on the soundtrack of soap operas in Rede Globo, like ‘Ex Mai Love’. Owner of an unparalleled charisma, a powerful voice and a very Brazilian silhouette, it didn’t take long for this Pará native from Belém to quickly migrate to the seventh art, also appearing in series and soap operas as an actress. Since then, there have been twenty years of career as a singer and more or less ten as an actress – and starting this week, Gaby makes his big-screen debut with the film ‘Serial Kelly🇧🇷

kelly 🇧🇷Gaby Amarantos) is a potent electronic forró singer from the northeastern interior who lives by performing in bars, malls and restaurants in exchange for some money. On her way to success, she sings in cabarets and adult entertainment venues, where she makes friends with sex workers and transvestites. In one of these, she knows Seasoning 🇧🇷Igor de Araujo), a flirtatious Galician who captures her attention. However, before kelly decided to take revenge on his music producer, who tried to outsmart him. When more male deaths begin to spread across the region, the case catches the sheriff’s attention. Fabiola 🇧🇷Paula Cohen), which goes on to hunt kelly in an attempt to help her.

The big highlight inSerial Kelly‘ it’s really Gaby Amarantos🇧🇷 The maturity that the singer manages to impress in her first role on the big screen as a protagonist is impressive. It’s okay that I’ve been working as an actress for years, but Gaby it works so naturally, so organically, that it doesn’t seem to be making any effort. Not to mention that the actress fills the screen with her beauty; her skin glows under the photograph of Peter Uranuswhich makes good use of the natural lighting of open locations to enhance the character in open and vibrant shots.

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Defined as comedythe movie René Guerra is more like one drama humorous. The situations in which the protagonist gets involved are comic, but not exactly laughable; on the contrary, they provoke reflection through a lighter bias on absurd and everyday situations, all wrapped in sexist behaviors that provoke in kelly an urgency of reckoning. Victims have profiles of disgusting people who dress in the veil of social hypocrisy to take advantage of the talents of kelly somehow, whether in music or sex. the script of René Guerra and Marcelo Caetano portrays how this protagonist loves three things: eating, having sex and killing; from this crack, they build a plot in which the acts of kelly are understandable to the spectator, and culminate in the counterpoint of the sisterhood that she offers to the women who cross her path, reciprocated by the police officer who sentences: “in the land of killers, the woman who kills becomes a serial killer🇧🇷

Under the weight of patriarchy,’Serial Kelly‘ shows that even in crime the treatment of women is unequal. With kelly🇧🇷 Gaby Amarantos shows that she is a complete artist, and that cinema was a natural path for this great star.

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