Review | Redemptive Love – Nina Dobrev and Famke Janssen Romance in a superficial period novel

in times of historical novel trending in cinematography and literature, the premiere of ‘Redemptive love‘ in theaters really comes in handy: while United States the feature was made available directly for rent on demand, in Brazil the novel conquered its space on the big screens from this thursday, June 9, – to the delight of the fans of the period novelswho will finally be able to enjoy this premiere.

California1850. While many men migrate to the sun coast of the USA in search of gold, there are people who need to survive in other ways, and who were also part of this structure of the gold rush. It is in this context that we meet the young and beautiful angel (Abigail Cowen), the most disputed prostitute at the Pair-A-Dice brothel, managed by the Duchess (Famke Janssen). Far from the city, the young Michael (Tom Lewis) feels alone on his farm and asks God to find a woman for him to marry. When he goes to town to deliver his goods to the warehouse, he sees angel pass and feel love at first sight. Certain that she is the one to marry, Michael will do everything to get her out of the life of prostitution, without having the slightest idea of ​​the many debts that angel carry in your life.

Based on the best-selling novel by Francine Rivers (first published in 1991 and released in Brazil in 2010, that is, Brazilian fans have been waiting for this adaptation for twelve years!), the two-hour film manages to accommodate the main elements of the five-hundred-page novel well, even that the writer’s script with DJ Caruso don’t dwell too long on explanations or more violent scenes, summarizing the episodes for the viewer without delving deeper. If, on the one hand, this is a good choice for the duo (for example, in not showing violence against women in a graphic way), on the other hand, it leaves the feeling of everything being too superficial, as if no character should surrender to their feelings.

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Interestingly, the film DJ Caruso lists a team of recognized names in the market – the X-Men Famke Janssenthe vampire girl Nina Dobrev and the heartthrob of ‘Grey’s AnatomyEric Dane – for cameos only, which is a shame as each of these franchises has a strong fandom. On the other hand, the production elects a protagonist couple in which Abigail Cowen convinces like a girl disillusioned with life in the same proportion as Tom Lewis seems to lack a bit of muscle (he works on a farm, after all) and stamina for a character we need to fall in love with.

Redemptive love‘ points out that God watches over all his children, including the most needy and at times when least expected, constituting himself as a christian romance season. Without excesses of nudity or violence and using the hero who rescued the girl, the film should please the fans of the book, although the story of the book has been better developed than in the feature.

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