Review | On the Way to Summer – Netflix Teen Romance Adapts Sarah Dessen’s Bestseller

the American writer Sarah Dessen is very successful in the literary world, although perhaps the standard spectator of the Netflix don’t know her by name. A frequent figure in international literary events, his line of books is aimed at young audiences, almost always bringing stories of romance summer. Despite being the author of dozens of books, only ‘My new love‘ was adapted for the audiovisual, and in 2003! Almost twenty years later and on the way to fixing this flaw, the Netflix now brings the author’s fans the feature ‘on the way to summer‘, which, since its debut, has quickly jumped to the top 10 of the platform.

Auden (Emma Pasarow) is not an ordinary young woman: on the eve of graduating from school, she has no interest in balls, rites of passage or any kind of entertainment. Always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, Auden he has no friends, and spends his free time with his mother’s acquaintances (Andie MacDowellin ‘time spell‘). However, the summer before going to college, she decides to spend time with her father (Dermot Mulroneyin ‘My best friend’s wedding‘) and his new wife, Heidi (Kate Bosworth), who got her a temporary job at her bikini boutique. In the new and small beach town, Auden seeks to enable a new version of itself, who knows with new friends and new interests, but when you know Eli (Belmont Cameli) she realizes that maybe there’s something good about the way she is.

Built to be a wellness-style summer teen romance, what’s lacking in ‘on the way to summer‘ is chemistry, spice. Not only between the main couple, but especially the protagonist, without salt, without charisma, without anything that arouses the interest of the viewer. This poses a problem for the management of Sofia Alvarez, because if absolutely any other secondary character is cooler than the one driving the story, then how do you engage the viewer’s attention? the entire core of Auden it’s boring: she, incapable of basic gestures, like smiling; the mother, invasive and full of unjustifiable pride; the father, childish and irresponsible, well done.

The feeling is that the script of Sofia Alvarez privileges the journeys of the new characters who cross the path of Auden, to the point where we wonder how anyone would be willing to make friends with such a boring person. In an attempt to adapt the romance, the script ends up assuming that many things are implied and/or that the spectator will have read the book and, therefore, will understand certain attitudes of the characters. But, in the case of a feature film, it is not recommended to use other media so that the viewer understands the whole production, and therefore, the script jumps without explanation and runs in certain developments that he himself gives great importance in the plot, but, in the end, it wasn’t even that important, like the little secret of Auden.

By bumps,’on the way to summer‘ delivers a reasonable love story, set in a charming beach town and with a nice message for young people (it’s okay to change, you don’t have to be the same forever). Still not the best adaptation of Sarah Dessenbut provides a Afternoon session sugar water to pass the time.

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