Review of Smukfest big Danish rap show: Fantastic hit parade – I’m almost sick to my stomach now!

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Long live Danish rap!

Smukfest chose to pay tribute to Danish rap on Friday evening with an impressive hit parade of features from Danish rap’s new and old names.

From Suspekt, the show kicked off at 21:15 on the Bøgescenen, until Kesi said thank you for tonight about an hour and a half later, the audience had a bombshell of hits thrown into their heads from names as diverse as Niarn, Jokeren and Icekiid to Outlandish, Marvelous Mosell and Benjamin Hav .

Sometimes the audience exploded into wild jubilant dancing – especially Out of Control’s ‘Fuckboi’ really set fire under their feet – while at other times there was more time to breathe during features from names like East Coast Hustlers and Marwan.

A show where one artist is constantly replacing another can quickly feel impersonal and without nerve, and by the time we reached the end, I was also getting so saturated in the head with musical explosions that it almost felt like a trip to the cinema , where you get a stomach ache from stuffing too much candy in your mouth before the movie starts.

But it was cool!

It was overall a party to attend and to help pay tribute to the various features of Danish rap, and even if it was a bit too long-winded at the end, and a couple of obvious main names like LOC and Gilli were missing, it is a feature that Smukfest would very much like to do several of the coming years.

Tessa and Kidd were also supposed to be there, but canceled due to illness.

Here you can see who stopped by.

Suspekt – ‘SUSPEKT’ and ‘Gonzo’

Emil Stabil – ‘Already ice’

Jokeren feat. Szhirley – ‘Havnen’ and ‘Trenched up to the lyre’

Icekiid – ‘Erdudumellerhvad’

Niarn – ‘My life my rules’

Sivas – ‘Dauda’

Marvelous Mosell – ‘The Best Dancer’

Out of Control – ‘Fuckboi’

East Coast Hustlers – ‘He gets too little’

The Danish shepherds – ‘Billig bajer’

Johnson – ‘Ik hate’ and ‘It’ fits’

Marwan feat. Orgi-E – ‘What So What?’ and ‘Self-made well done’

Lamin – ‘Window Lyrics’

TopGunn – ‘Lovely’ and ‘Nik and Jay’ feat. Benjamin Hav

Benjamin Hav – ‘The nicest boy’

Outlandish – ‘Guantanamo’

Artigeardit – ‘Gothersgade’ and ‘Er her’ feat. Kesi

Kesi – ‘The Feeling’

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