Review | No Mundo da Luna – Romantic comedy in the same vibe as ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ premieres on HBO Max

There were many years of waiting and anxiety. The thousands (perhaps millions?) of readers of the Brazilian writer Carina Rissi they had to wait, and a long time, to see their favorite books by the author gain audiovisual versions. But from that year-end 2022finally the anguish will begin to end, because on November 17 it premieres on HBO Max the first episode of the series’In Luna’s World‘, the first of the writer’s books to gain live action format.

Luna 🇧🇷Marina Moschenand their tricks Anne Hathaway) is going to interview for his dream job on JorNAW. But two unexpected things end up happening: the first is that she finds wine 🇧🇷Enzo Romani), her old college crush, in the waiting room, also applying for a job in the same place; the second is that, contrary to what she imagined, her candidacy was not being considered for the journalistic editorial, but for a vacancy in the vehicle’s horoscope section. Frustrated with this reality, she will do everything to impress dante 🇧🇷Leonardo Bittencourt), director of the sector, not knowing that he had met him the day before at a party. Fortunately, her gypsy roots – and the little help of her grandmother’s wisdom (Rosi Campos) – will help you do your job well, even if Luna you have never shown an interest in gypsy decks before and are using the deck maliciously to your advantage.

Divided into short chapters of about thirty minutes in length each, ‘in the world of the moon‘ hits exactly the tone of the writing of Carina Rissi, in a communion difficult to happen when literature and cinema meet. director’s merit Roberto D’Avilawhich not only managed to capture the essence of romancehow he was able to convey the right point for his cast to find the juice of the success of Carina, reproducing it in concert. The result is a super-tuned main nucleus, embraced by agile and sagacious editing that promotes dynamism between the scenes and establishes the rhythm of each of the crushes well – especially in the “tasty” scenes of Enzo Romani🇧🇷

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the script of Anderson Almeida🇧🇷 Paula Knudsen and Ana Luiza Savassi focuses on what really matters in ‘in the world of the moon‘ and makes relevant and accurate adaptations, updating characters and attitudes consistent with the contemporary target audience. Also the dialogues, super light, print the comic tone that drive easy laughter, especially in the clash between the employee and the head, headed by Marina Moschen and Maria Clara Gueirosas well as the romantic lullaby of the protagonist’s heart divided by two cat crushes who from the first episode will dispute the favor of the public.

🇧🇷in the world of the moon‘ delivers exactly what fans of Carina Rissi expect and deserve. Even more: it delivers exactly what the young adult audience is looking for in romantic comedy in this vibe’The devil Wears Prada🇧🇷 The production will please not only Brazilian viewers, but also Latin American subscribers to HBO Max as a whole, as the universal theme easily connects with any culture. Fun and enjoyable,’in the world of the moon‘ is light entertainment, and deserves to be renewed as soon as possible to quiet the hearts of fans.

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