Review | Juntos e Enrolados – Cacau Protásio stars in a cliché comedy with good jokes

Cacao Protasium he’s got everything and won’t give up his role on the big screen anymore. After being one of the actresses who released the most films in 2021 in theaters (there were 3 in total, along with Larissa Manoela, who also released 3, but on streaming), being them ‘the perfect mother-in-law’, ‘Love binding‘ and now, ‘Together and Tangled‘ (whose press booth was held even 2021), which reaches the public as the first great Brazilian film of the year and the responsibility of opening the season 2022 from national comedies.

Daiana (Cacao Protasium) is a respected lifeguard at a private club, where she works in her spare time, because, on a daily basis, she is a renowned firefighter, who awakens the passion of the Lieutenant Marcondes (Marcos Pasquim). One day, at the club, she finds herself in the urge to save the poor boy’s life. Julius (Rafael Portugal), a hydraulic firefighter autonomously hired by the club to make improvements to the space and who, smartly, decided to take a dip in the pool and drowned. But from drowning comes love, and Daiana e Julius fall madly in love. The partnership of the two goes very well, while the two work hard to raise money to hold the dreamed wedding party. However, the love between them will be put to the test in the middle of the wedding party. Does love forgive all?

Lasting approximately one and a half hours, ‘Together and Tangled‘ is quite the kind of comedy that appeals to the general public, with characters very similar to the Brazilian citizen, the worker who fights daily to conquer his dreams. This identity approach with the public is certainly a great success of the feature, as it manages to make the general spectator connect to the world of the characters and sympathize with the situations faced by them, especially those experienced by the protagonist couple, after all, who has never had to save every penny of your salary to be able to acquire a good?

the script of Rodrigo Goulart, Sabrina garcia e Claudio Torres Gonzaga it’s easy to guess, based much more on the interpretive power of the protagonists than on creating twists and turns that shake the plot. And that’s where the whole experience comes in. Cacao Protasium, whose voice and talent expand on the big screen and conquer the spotlight in every scene in which he appears, even in the film’s sad moments. Your natural chemistry with Evelyn Castro (which plays the ceremonial, the bride’s best friend) creates hilarious situations that entertain the viewer even more than those with her partner, Rafael Portugal. A sign that the winds of humor are blowing in favor of female comedians.

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Eduardo Vaisman e Rodrigo Van Der Put make your ‘Together and Tangled‘ the classic summer vacation comedy in Brazilian cinema, filled with situations that the people quickly identify with and with a cast that for years has been consolidating the new faces of national humor – with the right to unpublished music and thematic of its own Rafael Portugal in the post-credit. A pity, however, that given the undue controversies, the entire core of the fire department’s history has been reduced; otherwise the character Lieutenant Marcondes would have made more sense and probably would have added more comic situations to the plot.

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