Review – Hotel Transylvania: Transformonstrao

When an animation reaches its fourth edition, as is the case with Hotel Transylvania: Big Transformer, two things come to mind: first, that the franchise must be a success to have made four films so far; and second, how many more movies are they going to make before they realize this fountain has run dry?!

Unfortunately there is no other way to put it. In fact, it already gave what it had to give!

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And if we’re really honest, we’ve never had one volume out of all of the Hotel Transylvania film series that really captured our hearts strongly. The closest to bringing something truly enjoyable was Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015). Even so, it was far from making any considerable front in the face of so many other animated franchises that present greater predicates in every possible way.

In the current Hotel Transylvania: Transformerstron, which is available on the Amazon Prime Video platform, we see that Drac and the pack are back like you’ve never seen them before. When Van Helsing’s mysterious invention goes awry, Drac and his monster friends are all turned into humans, and Johnny becomes a monster! He who is loving this new life like a monster, must team up with the vampire father-in-law and run across the world to find a cure before it’s too late and they drive each other crazy. With the help of Mavis leading the entire “monster” crew, the focus is on finding a way for them to go back to the way they were before their transformations. But they must race against the clock before they become permanently human.

At the heart of Hotel Transylvania: Transformers, we can easily see that the problem lies in the lack of creativity in the script written by the trio Amos Vernon, Nunzio Randazzo and Genndy Tartakovsky (who directed the three previous films).

Through the narrative, we observe the ‘road movie’ element, which puts father-in-law and son-in-law face to face in a typically crazy situation where they have to get things right so that the family and the hotel remain intact.

Obviously this won’t be easy, since Drac and Johnny are complete opposites in terms of behavior. The sharp-toothed earl is impatient and all methodical; while the young man is fast-paced, clumsy and extremely excited about everything!

Consequently, we would have something to work with dramatically in the narrative line, and emotionally with Amazon Prime Video subscribers. However, everything was only in the first layer of the skin, that is, nothing really moves those who watch Hotel Transylvânia: Transformonstrão, since no idea proved to be inspired or peculiar enough to deserve some prominence; and unfortunately, it lacked a lot of vibration so that we could connect with the stories between father-in-law and son-in-law.

Even the youngest ones will have a lot of difficulties while watching Hotel Transylvania: Transformer Big on Amazon Prime Video, because despite having a watercolor of colors that explodes on the screen, it lacked a good dose of energy in the plot of this animation, especially in the central part of the story.

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That changes the closer we get to the final moments of the animation, which still made sure to leave a little moral lesson about looking for the best scenario in life’s most complicated situations, basically leaving negativism aside.

At the climax of this story we will have something similar to an amusement park, where children will be enraptured by the action scenes of the group of monsters who are trying to find something special that would help everyone go back to who they were before.

A shame that so much cuteness had absolutely nothing new to offer.

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