Review | Galeria Futuro – National Comédia travels through time with cringe and analogue characters

The 1980s, 1970s, 1960s (and even a little before that) were decades marked by a great capitalist opening at the global level. American, Chinese, Japanese, Russian products started to be made available in several countries around the world, including Brazil, becoming easily accessible (in a way) to the population, especially the middle class. Not only products, but also technologies – electro and electronics manufactured abroad that began to be imported and brought to Brazil, such as photographic film rolls, video cassette and DVD players, Hollywood cinema, etc. However, with the turn of the millennium and fierce globalization, many of these products and technologies have become obsolete. With a good-humored take on this clash, it arrives in Brazilian cinemas to national comedyFuture Gallery‘, from November 18th, in theaters.

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valentine (Marcelo Serrado), Kodak (Otávio Müller) e Eddie (Ailton Grace) are three adults, friends since childhood, spent in the Future Gallery, a gallery in the heart of Copacabana it used to be very frequented and had dozens of different stores. Today the place is in the dust, with stratospheric debts and about to be sold to an evangelical church. When Paula (Luciana Country), a new tenant, rents a store in the space and realizes the hole she’s gotten herself into, the four will join forces to try to raise the money necessary to save the Future Gallery, and, along with that, trying to save what’s left of their dignity.

In just over an hour and twenty in duration, ‘Future Gallery‘ invites the adult viewer on a nostalgic journey through time, back to a time when the mystery was relevant – or mystery of developing photographs without knowing if they were good or not, of renting a film without knowing if you are choosing well, of magic tricks whose execution is unknown to the public. None of this is more relevant these days, with cameras on cell phones, movies on demand and early reviews, and several videos and tutorials that unmask the naive tricks of the great magicians. Other times.

This is the strong point of the script for Matheus de Souza, Pablo padilla, Cristiano Gualda, Bia Crespo e Fernando Sanches, which manages to really transport the viewer into the long-lost era of analog stuff and cringes. However, from the second half of the film onwards, the plot is out of control, bringing an unexpected no sense which results in a bittersweet yet real resolution, paying homage to international cinema classics.

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Fernando Sanches e Alfonso Poyart make their film a portrait that demonstrates that both the protagonists and such ‘Future Gallery‘ and the neighborhood of Copacabana they are characters that resist the modernity of the times, equally in fiction and in real life. A film that touches on a delicate point of living in such disposable times, in which analogue people and places no longer find space to live. Maybe even because of that, ‘Future Gallery‘ make use of comedy to tell your story – a great success, in fact, with jokes, comments and natural behavior consistent with the nature of these individuals who, in their own ways, seek to resist the neglect of heritage and architectural memory with good humor.

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