Review | ‘Everything Everywhere at the Same Time’ is one of the BEST and most original movies of recent years

The concept of the Multiverse has never been so hot in Hollywood! With the success of the films DC Comics and gives Marvel – especially with the recent release of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ – it is interesting to note that the production that best presented the proposal of a multiverse does not involve superheroes. ‘Everything Everywhere at the Same Time‘ broke all the barriers of the multiverse precisely by exploring its own freedom.

The plot follows Evelyn Wang, a tired Chinese-American woman who struggles to keep up in her ordinary life. Things get weird when she discovers that she is the key to saving the multiverse, and can access the knowledge and talents of all her various selves across the infinite universes.

When it comes to the multiverse, ‘Everything Everywhere at the Same Time‘ reigns supreme and there is nothing that A.D Or the Marvel can do to change that. Unlike superhero movies, this feature doesn’t have to fit pre-existing formulas for a specific genre. There are no limits in this film for exploring the multiverse – which is presented here in all shapes, colors, tones and emotions. ‘Everything Everywhere at the Same Time‘ isn’t afraid to be weird and unconventional. In fact, the film embraces that.

However, none of this would work so perfectly if the cast didn’t measure up. Michelle Yeoh she is absolutely fantastic in the lead role. The actress takes us on this insane journey and we witness the unquestionable evolution of her character in an organic way – the combination of a well-developed script and her powerful performance. Ke Huy Quan is also noteworthy, bringing emotional weight to the story and anchoring the film’s message in a scene that is sure to make your eyes well up with tears.

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The script is so well structured that it manages to successfully build several universes in just one film. And that is precisely the basis for a successful multiverse. We don’t just care about the characters, we care about ALL versions of them – even the most unlikely ones.

Everything Everywhere at the Same Time‘ is a weird, fun, thrilling, fantastic movie that isn’t afraid to explore and venture into the bizarreness of its own concept, but never forgets where the focus of a good story should be: on its characters. And, after becoming the biggest box office in the history of A24 – with $83.5 million collected worldwide –, ‘Everything Everywhere at the Same Time‘ proves that the big screen isn’t just for superheroes, and that originality can be one of the greatest powers.

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