Review | Detective Madeinusa – Pabllo Vittar, Gretchen and Neymar star in ‘Austin Powers’ with Tirulippa

Brazilian comedy is renewing itself, and this is very, very good. Especially in the last decade, comedy, in addition to gaining new actors, has also decentralized from the Rio-São Paulo axis, revealing great talents, especially in the Northeast and North regions of the country. The differential factor for the emergence of these new names was the use of the platform of YouTube as a means of diffusing talents, among which names such as Back door, Tirullipa, Whindersson Nunes, among others, who created channels in order to spread their work as comedians. These last two have already surpassed the virtual platform and are also conquering the audiovisual field, making several films together, the last being ‘Detective Madeinusa‘, initially made for movie theaters and which arrives this month as the exclusive release of Amazon prime.

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Madeinusa (Tirullipa) e Uóston (Bruno Montaleone) were fired from the political office in which they worked. In a moment of inspiration, Madeinusa decides to take an online private detective course, thus earning his degree. Because of an interview for a television channel, the two are called to the home of the very rich lobbyist Nelson (Whindersson Nunes), who asks for their help in finding a valuable white ox with white spots, which has been stolen from his property. To investigate the case, the pair will have the help of the hacker Zuleide (Luana Tanaka), of the psychic waitress Marcela (Gessica Kayane) and the attendant specializing in detective articles Larissa (Aisha Jambo).

In an hour and forty long’Detective Madeinusa‘ manages to please its target audience and still surprises with a cohesive story for the genre to which the production is intended – something that had not been a concern in other productions of which Tirullipa participated. ‘Detective Madeinusa‘ it has a beginning, middle and end, it has a plot that makes sense and the script of Leonardo Lanna, Martha Mendonça, Nelito Fernandes (do Sensationalist), Vinicius Antunes e Daniel belmonte builds a solid narrative arc for a comedy film no sense.

What is most impressive is the acumen of the production in managing to cast a large number of well-known faces to make a cameo in the film, and it includes names like Pabllo Vittar, Gretchen, Neymar, Antonio Tabet, Gessica Kayane, Gustavo Borges, Rubinho Barrichello and even the Alok! Joining the fans of these people gives more than the population of the country!

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the direction of Fernando Van Der Put makes use of all possible elements to avoid the possible seriousness of the film and invites the viewer to simply not take anything they are seeing seriously, as a ‘Austin Powers‘ Brazilian. In addition, it also drinks at the source of comedy world, making clear references to big names in the genre, such as the bumblers, Charles Chaplin e Mr. Bean, which brought a more innocent mood, albeit with a little bit of spice.

By finding the balance between silly humor with fart, piriri and funny jokes and a little more elaborate comedy, with smarter jokes and puns that work very well in Portuguese, ‘Detective Madeinusa‘ pleases children and even older audiences, used to a more theatrical style of humor. ‘Detective Madeinusa‘ is the best production of Tirullipa until today.

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