Review | Bob Spit – We Don’t Like People – Animation portrays Angeli and her classic characters in crisis

The set of aces of comics nationals answer for the names Angels, Laerte e Glaucus. These three cartoonists, otherwise known as ‘The 3 Friends‘, are responsible for the great rise of the comics in Brazil, and, today, they are the great references of the genre for the new generations of artists. In recent years, the seventh art has sought to give due prestige to cartoonists who helped build the genre in our country, producing films that portray creators and creatures, so that the public has already been able to see, for example, ‘loiter’ (2017), ‘the city of pirates‘ (2019) and now you can watch the youngest ‘Bob Spit – We Don’t Like People‘, on the work of Angels, which arrives in Brazilian movie theaters after a brief debut in São Paulo Show 2021.

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During an interview, Angels demonstrates to be clearly in crisis – creative and identity. That’s because his characters have also been raging against him from the moment he bob spit decides to leave the world of imagination and come to reality to take satisfaction from its creator. But along the way, Bob will not only meet other classic cartoonist characters – but also the little eskro, Bordosa Road, gum with banana among others – but you’ll also have to fight and destroy several Elton Johns miniature, which, like plague, will chase the characters along their journey.

For those who follow the national production of comics, Angels is a reference name, not only in magazines but also in newspaper strips. The acidity, the direct and angry way in which many of its characters communicated – with profanity and certain violence – marked a time there between the 1970s and 1990s when such characteristics were found only in alternative productions, not in Brazilian soap operas and commercial films – at least not overtly. Characters like punk rock bob spit and the bored and outspoken young woman Bordosa Road they helped to reflect a youth dissatisfied with social norms, giving them a voice at a time when speaking the truth directly was seen as something of subversive people.

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A movie of Cesar Cabral manages to capture the essence of the characters from Angels, here portrayed using the technique of animation in stop motion – in fact, a great choice to tell the story of the film, giving freedom of execution to the script for Leandro Maciel and of the own Cesar Cabral. The goodness of stop motion it’s excellent, bringing life and texture to these iconic characters that for a long time were restricted to the 2D of paper. Also the dubbing fits perfectly, with participation and music from Paulo Miklos and the Titans and voice of Corn Cortaz.

Bob Spit – We Don’t Like People‘ is a film for a grayer generation, and it’s also a deserved tribute to Angels and his incredible work that, for decades, echoed the conflicting and dissatisfied effervescence of many Brazilians. With a lot of quality, it’s a animation which shows the enormous competence that Brazil has in producing films with this technique, and deserves the awards it has won.

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