Review | A Mãe – When despair meets violence

Maternal strength in an unpredictable search for the truth. Awarded at the Festival de Gramado and Vitória, the filmmaker’s new feature film Cristiano Burlan🇧🇷 The mother, takes us to the outskirts of the largest city in the country, where we are guided through moments of tension, pain, suffering, a mother’s desperate search for a son who disappeared overnight and finds herself in conflict with various sides of violence constant. In the lead role, the award-winning Brazilian actress Marcelia Cartaxo once again moves the viewer with an emotional performance.

In the plot, we meet Dona Maria (Marcelia Cartaxo), a northeastern woman from Cajazeiras (Paraíba) who has been living in a humble house on the outskirts of São Paulo for some years, where she has lived with her only child, the teenager Valdo, since he was three years old. She is a street vendor in the downtown streets. One day, after her son goes out to have fun and try his luck in a soccer game, he disappears, leading Maria on a relentless quest to find out all the truths about his disappearance. During this arduous road where few help her, she ends up in conflict with drug dealers and the police.

The narrative navigates through a Brazil of bureaucracy, insensitivity, fear, lies, conflict of interests. Dona Maria is a northeastern woman who tries to survive the urban chaos of the largest city in the country, where prices only increase, where prejudice is close at hand, where justice is shown to few, where innocent people are trapped in urban wars, where the police does not always protect, where violence is continuous and comes from all sides. Involved in this, Maria faces the mystery of a loss, someone she will not be able to say goodbye to, even so she does not let go of the thought of seeking the truth that ends up culminating in a kind of cry for help in a true reaction against state violence. . In the project, very well directed by Burlan, there is mention of an organization called ‘Mães de Maio’ made up of mothers, relatives and friends of victims of crimes committed in May 2006 in São Paulo, crimes linked to police violence.

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The mother🇧🇷 which was also shown at the 46th São Paulo International Film Festival, is a moving portrait of a woman who struggles against the absurdities of police violence in an effort to move forward after part of it disappears in a city that for many is synonymous with fear. .

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