Revenge of Others, the new Park Solomon drama that will catch you

Revenge of Other brings together the best of school K-Dramas with thriller and revenge stories. Do you dare to watch the new Korean series starring Park Solomon and Shin Ye Eun? This production has just been released and you can already see the first chapters.

If you saw the popular drama All of Us Are Dead, you will surely remember the character that park solomon had in the series. This Korean actor grabbed the attention and now he is ready to surprise you with a new role.

Park Solomon and Shin Ye Eun star in a new k-drama called Revenge of Othersan impressive school story where revenge turns the plot.

Revenge of Others has just been released and has already presented its first episodes, causing a furor on social networks, do you want to know what is it about the drama and why should you watch it? Here we tell you the details.

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What is Revenge of Others about? Reasons to watch this suspenseful K-Drama

The history of korean drama It begins by introducing us to Ok Chan Mi, a high school student who used to excel as a shooting expert, but a tragic event changed her life. When her twin brother dies, this boy’s school declares that he was the one who attempted her life, but Chan Mi knows otherwise.

It is then that the protagonist he transfers schools and begins a dangerous quest to reveal the truth and carry out his revengeit is then that he meets Ji Soo Hyun, who warns him how risky it could be to continue with his plan.

Ok Chan Mi soon finds support from others in her mission, but suspicions also begin as to whether someone might be trying to deceive her by leading her to a false culprit. OMG!

The drama will have a total of 12 episodes and it will be broadcast over several weeks, so you can enjoy the plot while the emotion is present among the fans through social networks.

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Where to watch Revenge of Others with Spanish subtitles or dubbing?

Officially, the drama Revenge of Others premiered on Disney+so for Latin America you can see it from Star+where you can find the chapters subtitled in Spanish or also with dubbing.

On the other hand, the chapters are also reaching other platforms, so if you are looking for a free alternative, you can see the series on pages like Doramas flix and Estrenos doramas.

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