Revealed after 10 years: This was planned for the end of the “John Carter” films

Director Andrew Stanton had planned “John Carter” as a trilogy. But nothing came of it. Now he has revealed how he had imagined the next parts.

The epic adventure film “John Carter – Between Two Worlds” is one of the biggest cinema flops in history. The film grossed just $284 million worldwide from a production budget of $250 million (via BoxOfficeMojo). With such a box-office record, it’s no surprise Disney has never made a sequel. Director Andrew Stanton (“Finding Nemo”) regrets to this day that he didn’t “John Carter 2” and “John Carter 3” was allowed to turn. Eventually he had plans for an entire trilogy.

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The first film is about US Civil War soldier John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), who mysteriously lands on Mars and has special powers thanks to lower gravity. On the alien planet, he gets caught between the conflicts between the different peoples and finally saves the world together with Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). Opposite to The Wrap Stanton revealed in March 2022 how the story that “Gods of Mars” meant to have continued:

“Every film should start with a different character speaking the prologue. The first is Willem Dafoe as Tars. The prologue of the second film is voiced by Dejah. And it should give those who haven’t seen the first film a clue as to the story that has led to this point […] And then it should be revealed that she’s telling them to her baby and you should be like, ‘Oh my god, that’s the baby. This is Carthoris, this is Dejah Thoris and Carter’s child. And the story she tells is the story of the father the child will never know.”

Next, Tardos Mors (Ciarán Hind), the grandfather of Carthoris, should appear and take care of the child. But before the opening credits start, it is revealed that it is actually the villain Matai Shang (Mark Strong) who wants to steal the child. After the opening credits, Carter wakes up in the desert and is found by a Thark, who tells him someone is looking for him. At the same time, Dejah, who is looking for her child, disappears.

The rest of the film was meant to be reminiscent of 1970’s Return to the Planet of the Apes. There, George Taylor (Charlton Heston) learns that the planet is actually controlled by a secret people living underground called the Firstborn:

“And then it’s like, like in ‘Return to the Planet of the Apes,’ everyone goes underground to find out who really controls the whole planet. There’s a whole high-tech people down there. Basically it’s a third world without anyone knowing about the surface and the first world has been inside all along controlling the air, the water, everything that makes the world work.”

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In “John Carter 3” the fate of Mars should be at stake

At San Diego Comic-Con (via colliders) Stanton now revealed how the second part would have ended: John Carter was supposed to almost kill his own son in it, because Matai would have genetically modified him in such a way that he would have directly assumed adulthood and received superpowers worked together with the Firstborn to expel the Therns, to which Matai belongs. For Carter previously revealed that the goddess Isis worshiped by the firstborn is actually just the shapeshifting Matai.

The third and concluding part would again have the title “Warlords of Mars” in which the Therns try to use camouflaged spies posing as the leaders of the various races to throw Mars into chaos and ultimately make it uninhabitable. While trying to identify the hidden Therns with a special detector, John Carter is killed in the meantime, but he only regains consciousness in his body on earth. There he can turn off a Thern again and smuggle himself back to Mars, where he ultimately challenges Matai Shang to the final duel with the last remaining detector at the highest point of the planet. “And of course, as you would expect, he stops the Therns, saves the planet, and officially earns the title ‘Warlord of Mars,'” Stanton revealed at the panel.

Additionally, he revealed concept art for the sequels at Comic-Con, which will hopefully make their way onto the web for all to enjoy. Because even if a fan community has formed around the film, such small insights are probably all you will get from the other parts after the cinema flop. Although there might be a little hope. Despite a similarly catastrophic film flop, Disney still wants to adapt the “Eragon” books as a series for Disney+. Maybe at some point there will be another attempt at an adaptation of the story by John Carter. But whether this builds on the first part and the ideas of Andrew Stanton is another question.

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