"retiree cops": ARD confirms new season

“Retiree Cops”
ARD confirms new season

Aaron Le, Hartmut Volle, Katja Danowski and Bill Mockridge (from left) are in front of the camera for the new season “Retiree Cops”.

© ARD/Kai Schulz

Reinhard Bielefelder and Klaus Schmitz are investigating again. The “Retiree Cops” are getting a new season.

Bill Mockridge (74) and Hartmut Volle (68) aka the “Retiree Cops” get new cases. The first confirmed another season in a press release. As Reinhard Bielefelder (Mockridge) and Klaus Schmitz (Volle), the two actors will start filming twelve new episodes in July, each about 48 minutes long.

New cases in football club, campsite and more

“In the 6th season of ‘Rentnercops’ we investigate at very different and, I think, very exciting crime scenes. In the football club, on the campsite, in a gourmet restaurant (I’m particularly happy about that), on a Rhine freighter and in the fitness Studio. And of course, as always, with this classic mix of crime and comedy and chaos at home,” Mockridge is quoted as saying by ARD. Privately, Mockridge is a “family man”. That’s why he’s happy to “slip back into the skin of this grumpy loner”.

“Privately, for me at an advanced age, being able to help shape a character in such a wonderful series is a gift from heaven,” Volle enthuses. The characters Bielefelder and Schmitz will allegedly “keep fighting”. The actor goes on to say: “It’s a great pleasure to continue playing Klaus Schmitz because he’s just ‘not born to vacuum!'”

This time the film will be shot from July to October in Cologne, Pulheim, Monheim and the surrounding area. It is not yet known when the new episodes will be broadcast in the first.


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