Resumption of the trial of the November 13 attacks with the questioning of the accused

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Started four months ago, the trial enters a new phase, that of the interrogation on the merits of the file of the 14 defendants present (six others, therefore five presumed dead, are tried in their absence).

Declared “cured” by a medical second opinion, Salah Abdeslam, who had not attended the hearings since November 25, was present in the box on Tuesday.

On the other hand, another defendant, Osama Krayem, who indicated that he “took the decision not to (speak) again until the end of the proceedings”, refused to appear.

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The first accused to be questioned is Mohamed Abrini, 37, a childhood friend of Salah Abdeslam, tried in particular for having accompanied the jihadist commando in the Paris region on the eve of the attacks.

The interrogation of Salah Abdeslam is scheduled for January 20 and 21.

During this first phase of questioning, the accused should only be questioned on the facts going up to the summer of 2015.

Mohamed Abrini is accused in particular of complicity in murders for having participated in the rental of cars and apartments used by the commandos.

If he recognizes his participation in the attacks, he underlined in November before the court to have been neither “the sponsor nor the brain”, and to have “brought no logistical or financial assistance”.

According to investigators, however, its role remains to be clarified. We know that in the summer of 2015, he met Abdelhamid Abaaoud and Najim Laachraoui in Syria, the alleged operational chief and fireworks operator of the commando. He also made a mysterious trip to England in July 2015.

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