Restrictive diet risks and benefits of dietary reeducation: expert clears your doubts!

According to a study carried out by the World Atlas of Obesity in 2022, it is expected that Brazil will have 29.7% of the adult population with obesity by 2030, in addition to counting that more than half of Brazilians were overweight in 2021. trying to lose a few pounds, however, without following medical recommendations and opting for a restrictive diet.

“Most people want to lose weight quickly and easily, but forget to do it the right way. They start to follow restrictive diets that can affect metabolism, present macronutrient deficiencies and decrease in immunity, eating disorders, in addition to greater weakness and body tiredness”, comments nutrologist Raquel Menezes.

According to the professional, the best way to lose weight is to respect the body, valuing long-term health. Therefore, Dr. Raquel decided to bring food reeducation tips that can help with healthy weight loss.

Benefits of food reeducation

This process is based on improving the relationship with food, reevaluating eating habits, trying to moderate the plate and including more natural foods instead of processed ones.

“Unlike the restrictive diet that forces you not to eat various foods, in this case, you can eat consciously and also on a regular basis so you don’t feel so hungry in front of food”, he explains.

At first, it may seem difficult to adapt and try to moderate sweets and fats, but this way it is possible to reach the goal without having to weaken your health.

“Looking for a professional in the area who can help you in this situation is essential in the results you want to obtain”, he declares.

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