"Resplendent", "cannon", "Gorgeous", "Sexy" : Marghe, winner of "The Voice" sets Instagram on fire with his latest shot

This Thursday, June 23, there is one who celebrated the arrival of summer as it should. This is Marghe! The young woman made an impression by winning the tenth edition of The Voice against Jim Bauer, Mentissa and Cyprien, on May 15, 2021 in front of 5.4 million viewers. His victory allowed him to sign with UniversalMusic and release his first single titled New life. The young woman posted a photo of herself in a beautiful one-piece swimsuit, enhancing her figure. In comments, she was entitled to very beautiful messages: “Very pretty”, “sexy”, “resplendent”, “Our Marghe is beautiful!”, “Ooh, still so beautiful!”, “Too beautiful”, “Canon”, “My favorite artist”, “Sublimissime”could we read.

After unveiling her first song, the pretty brunette will soon be in stores with her first album. Entitled Alefa (Malagasy expression of encouragement. Synonyms: go ahead, courage, strength, editor’s note), the opus imagined with his ex-competitor Jim Bauer will be available from August 26th. “And for the occasion, there will be a new title that will also be released and it’s called Au bout du monde. I want to thank everyone who contributed to this project. A big thank you. I’m just too happy, that’s it is, here we are”she wrote in the caption of a publication announcing this great news.

If she had not seen her coach Florent Pagny, who is fighting against the disease, the duo was able to meet last month during the final of the 11th season (which he won with Nour). “He gave me his feelings when I had him listen to a few songs, during the making of the album. He told me that we felt my warrior side”she confided during her interview with Gala.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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