Resigned from DR’s girls’ choir: Phillip Faber must now

After ten years at the head of the DR Girls’ Choir, Phillip Faber has chosen to call it quits and throw himself into something else from next year.

“It’s time for me to look for new musical paths,” said the former host of ‘Fællesang’ last week, who revealed that he will, among other things, make two new Christmas programs for DR.

Which two he could not yet say anything about.

But now the TV station itself is lifting the veil on the popular host’s upcoming projects.

He will host the traditional ‘DR’s big Christmas show’ on 17 December together with Stephania Potalivo, writes DR.

The couple will manage the evening, where stars such as Gnags, Malte Ebert and Jonah Blacksmith will take the stage flanked by the DR Symphony Orchestra. In addition, the comedian Heino Hansen is the show’s ‘man in the field’.

Phillip Faber and Stephania Potalivo take over from last year’s hosts, Johannes Langkilde and Katrine Muff.

But as early as 8 December, the former conductor can also be seen on the screen when, together with journalist Mette Frisk, he dives into the history behind our most loved Danish Christmas songs in the program series ‘The Hunt for Christmas Songs’.

“When I say goodbye to DR Girls’ Choir in the summer of 2023, it will be after 10 wonderful years that I will never forget. The choir and its development have filled a lot in my life, and I myself have developed enormously on the journey,’ he said in connection with the news of his resignation.

“I am full of gratitude for all the singers and their parents, who have devoted their time and energy to the choir, for the audience for their support and backing, and for my colleagues, who are an invaluable part of everything we have achieved together with the DR Girls’ Choir .«

A replacement for the position of chief conductor of the DR Girls’ Choir has not yet been found.

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