Resident Evil: Netflix unveils a violent teaser for its live series

The “Resident Evil” license continues to develop with a live series available on July 14 on Netflix. The show, which will take place in two different periods, is revealed in a first teaser.

Resident Evil : an immortal franchise

The saga resident Evil is not likely to stop anytime soon. On the side of video games, the franchise is regularly put forward thanks in part to the remake versions of the first games. In the cinema, there was the six films of Paul WS Anderson (as director or producer depending on feature films). But in 2021 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City had to relaunch all of this with a more video game-like approach. Given its unconvincing score at the box office, not sure that a second opus will see the light of day immediately.

Resident Evil ©Netflix

Let the fans be reassured, however, since Netflix has also shown its interest in zombies. The streaming platform first offered the anime series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. And soon we will be able to discover a new live series. simply titled resident Evil, the show will be inspired by the license without really being a faithful adaptation to a particular game – while being canon. At least that’s what it seems the first teaser (in one article).

A first teaser for the Netflix series

Series resident Evil should start in 2022 in New Raccon Citywhere nothing special ever happens“. Billie and Jade Wester, two teenagers adopted by Albert Wesker and born in strange circumstances, will discover this place controlled by Umbrella. As we suspect, an epidemic will start and cause a zombie apocalypse. We will see then the consequences of this disaster in 2036.

The originality of this new series will therefore be to take place in two different periods. And if we could fear a slightly soft approach with the presence in the foreground of two teenagers, these images are rather reassuring. The show will have its share of terrifying creatures, hordes of zombies, action scenes and gory moments.

The final result will be to discover July 14 on netflix.

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