Researchers at UZ Brussel discover a treatment for resistant melanomas

The clinical trial involved injecting dendritic cells (which help the immune system to attack and render harmless cancer cells) into the tumor along with an additional synthetic immune-boosting agent. The conclusive results marked the continuation of the trial next year, the university hospital announced on Thursday.

The clinical trial focused on melanoma patients with metastases in the skin and lymph nodes into which a product could be easily injected. In two of the eight patients, all metastases disappeared. In another patient, the tumor cells disappeared from the injected lesion and the diameter of the remaining metastases decreased by more than half, and this after only 12 weeks of treatment.

“These are very encouraging results. These study patients were doomed because standard treatments were not working. The fact that some of them are now cured has a very special meaning,” says Professor Bart Neyns.

The clinical trial, which will resume in 2023, is supported by the Kom op tegen Kanker association and the Paul De Knop Fund.

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