Reprehensible sayings of Sabrina Carballo of "The Hotel of the Famous" About Jessica Cirio: "It’s all…"

Since Sabrina Carballo income to “The hotel of the famous” his image began to change. There she was branded for bullying Locho Loccisano Y once he found himself out of the reality show of pampita Y the chinese leunis decided to initiate legal action against the production of the program.

Likewise, in “THE M” They showed a video where Chanchi Estévez’s girlfriend within the format said reprehensible sayings about Jésica Cirio. There she can be seen doing an Instagram live and talking about a situation she experienced.

In the video you can hear that Sabrina Carballo says that a soccer representative would have given her 18-year-old son a night with Jésica Cirio. “They had paid 20 thousand dollars to have a night with this girl”said the actress who at no time mentioned the current host of “Morphi’s Rock”.

There he not only told the fact, but also began to criticize the driver. “What I used to say was ‘there are some mines’, because really This girl has an eye… divine but she’s not a pretty girl. She is all operated “, said the former participant of “The Hotel of the Famous”.

Sabrina Carballo and Chanchi Estévez in “The hotel of the famous”.

At the moment, Jésica Cirio did not come out to say anything about it Y Sabrina Carballo He is just getting used to the new life after the reality show. In addition to taking over the sayings within “The hotel of the famous” and against the model that was presented in the program of Angel of Brito.

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