Reprehensible sayings of More Rial against the woman who denounces her: "A black fourth"

More Rial is in the midst of a great controversy due to the appearance of a series of women who would have worked in his house but they would not have received the agreed payment. Like little, was spicy as a first reaction to the publication of the audios that they showed in “THE M”.

After expressing on his social networks that he would go to court for the accusations he received, in the Friday broadcast of the program he hosts Angel of Brito reveal new conversations of the influencer. After sharing a new file of the alleged sink that she worked at her home for three months and did not get paid, a reprehensible saying came to light.

Andrea Taboada revealed the talk he had with More Rial by WhatsApp, since she was not interested in going on the air to give an interview. According to the journalist, El Maxi’s former partner blocked the man who worked with her pool at the insistence that he receive the corresponding payment.

More Rial had reprehensible sayings against the women who denounced her.

As if that were not enough, it was very spicy and was questioned. Who is barding me? LOL”expressed in the first place before the notification of what happened. More Rial aimed everything against the woman who sent the files to the cycle and was annoyed with the panel: “A fourth grade black girl who knows who she is and then they want me to come out and talk.”

How much is he owed? LOL”, added with a striking attitude in the last part of the talk with Taboada. Meanwhile, he claimed Alexander Cipollahis lawyer, is already taking action on the matter.

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