Reprehensible attitude? Adam Sandler and his particular behavior on the set of Billy Madison


In 1995, the Saturday Night Live breakout star got his first chance to produce a comedy with his personal imprint.

Billy Madison.
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After his appearance in Saturday night Live, Adam Sandler It didn’t take long for him to start marking his way on the comedy side. With a touch of the absurd and many somewhat childish voice changes as a hallmark, the artist made a career of it. All thanks to the appearance of Billy Madisonthe project to which Universal gave him the green light that centered on the life of the heir to a major hotel chain who was promised by his father to inherit the company as long as he went back to school and passed all the grades.

Of this production called Billy Madison in which the bizarre was present, there was a particular sequence that we still remember today: the dodgeball. In one of the courses billy and the children are invited to play with a ball in this sport that consists of hitting the opponents to eliminate them from the game. It is clear that being an adult gave him a certain advantage, but if something must be highlighted, it is how this project was filmed.

Adam called me the night before: ‘Tamra, tomorrow when we do the dodgeball scene, gather the kids and find out who’s willing to get hit. Let them volunteer because I’m really going to hit these kids with the ball. Make sure you have their permission’”revealed Tamra Davisthe director of the film, to look who i found. Originally, she thought it was all a joke, but then she was convinced by the film’s lead and screenwriter.

“I thought you were joking,’Adam, re crazy’. But she started saying this to convince me that making children hurt was fun. She was serious. He told me: ‘No, no. Deflate the ball a bit because I’m going to really hit them’”stressed Tamra Davis. Furthermore, he noted: “Every time those kids were hit, they would start crying. We cut immediately after”to later complete that Sandler really “enjoyed” beat “with all his strength” to these children.

+Billy Madison almost failed

Today, Billy Madison It’s a cult movie. However, the script was close to being stored in a drawer of Universal Pictures. It is that, originally, it was going to be directed by Stephen Kessler, a friend of Adam Sandler. However, within three days of filming, the studio realized something was off and the movie wasn’t funny. That’s why they hired Tamra Davis who to save the project decided to immerse himself in the world of Adam Sandler and give him free rein to have fun, while she took care of highlighting his tenderness, to put together an infallible combo in one of the actor’s best comedies.

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