Reporter broadcast live and captures a spontaneous love scene

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A spontaneous and romantic event occurred during the live broadcast of a television program. A reporter took to the streets to give information about the weather that is plaguing the city of Bogotá, Colombia; However, she did not realize that the camera was also focusing on a love scene where a couple in love walks holding hands and kissing. Undoubtedly, the subject passed into the background and the viral video It didn’t take long for it to be published in the social networks.

Tatiana Gordillo is the protagonist of this nice story. On the morning of last Wednesday, June 8, the journalist from Snail News He reported from the street on the consequences that winter has caused among drivers in the Colombian capital.

as they collect local mediaTatiana was reporting when, suddenly, a curious scene appears on the screen: the camera captures a woman saying goodbye to her biker boyfriend. As can be seen in the image, the subject did not stop receiving caresses and passionate kisses from his partner.

Reactions on TikTok

“Motorized cupid in full direct!”wrote the aforementioned medium, which was in charge of publishing the romantic moment in TikTok. In a short time, the recording quickly made its way to other platforms.

@newscaracol Motorized cupid in full direct from #Snail News 😍! #ViralDo you know them? Tell us your #Hhistoryoflove ♬ Tape – Dede Aldrian

In that sense, the situation generated hilarious comments. “How beautiful, if they are like this in the mornings, I don’t want to imagine them at night”, indicated a netizen. While another user expressed that “cautious man is worth two never. He never took off his balaclava.”

Although the identities of the lovebirds are still unknown, many netizens applauded the way they decided to start the day. “And to me that neither the dog nor the cat fires me”; “what envy”; “long live love”they pointed out in networks.

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