Renzi says no to Berlusconi: "Thanks Silvio, but I run alone"

Rome, 5 August 2022 – Yesterday Silvio Berlusconi called him an “intelligent chess player”, implying that for Matteo Renzi the doors of the center-right are open. “If he really wanted to build the center, he would do it with us.” But the leader of Italy Viva claims the choice to run in solitude in view of the political elections of 25 September. “I am one of those who never spoke badly of Berlusconi”, Renzi points out today to the microphones of Rtl 102.5 – I thank him for saying that I am intelligent. “But” Dear Silvio, no thanks. We do not participate in the center-right “because in the center-right” there are those who have always voted against Draghi and who, despite having voted for Draghi, then took away their trust. We have been and will be on Draghi’s side. ”

Will she meet him? “I always meet Berlusconi with pleasure, I have great respect for him. Indeed, I say it: we must have the courage not to attack our opponents. M5S he has done it too often in recent years “. Renzi spoke of a courageous choice.” If I look at the schemes of politics: everyone is coming to an agreement, canceling their ideas for the certainty of the seat. They are not Di Maio who gets elected with the symbol of the Democratic Party. I am one who prefers go alone in this Babel of coalitions. Courage will pay off . I read the newspapers that say that I have 90% of Italians against, then I speak to that 10% of them. Letta has proposed to raise taxes, it seems that she wants to win Melons . That should send a bouquet of flowers to Read “.

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During the ‘Non stop news’ program, Paolo Del Debbio also intervenes: “What are your themes Matteo Renzi is focusing on?” He asks. “In the meantime, on the question of racing alone. Ten years ago I toured Italy with a camper. The best experience of my life began. I would like that choice of freedom, it is the method of this electoral campaign. The proposals? L’ inflation to fight, first of all: the increase in the cost of living is not 7-8 percent as it is told, but it is much higher. The middle class must receive more money than there is. We must start from an idea: we must not spend on subsidies as has been happening in recent years. The Basic income it has become a fraud against the state “.

“I tell the Italians vote for us, the seats are essential if you have a political idea, but if you are ready to take back everything to stay in Parliament you are a Quaquaraquà. They are to take the seats: 3 percent is enough . That is a million Italians. I look for them myself, I don’t go to coalitions. Yesterday Berlusconi from this radio made an argument about us. There are two different models of doing politics: there are those who think that ideas matter less than parliamentary benches and those who want the ideas first and then the chair. If the center-left had said ‘We are for the Draghi agenda’ I would have said yes. But now keep their assets. And Calenda? “He has chosen to do something that throws away a great opportunity: the reformist pole with 10%”.

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