Renzi-Mancini meeting, the professor who filmed him investigated. The lawyer: “Unrelated to intelligence apparatuses”

Dissemination of fraudulent filming and recordings. This is the crime charged against the professor who met Matteo Renzi at the Fiano Romano autogrill on 23 December 2020 and filmed the meeting with the then manager of Aisi Marco Mancini, now retired and in the past involved in investigations into the Telecom illegal dossier case and Abu Omar. The woman, as reported by Il Corriere della Sera, took 13 photographs and shot 2 videos with her mobile phone only because having seen the former premier talking to a gentleman escorted and not recognized by her, she thought it would be useful to document the meeting. Those were the days when the crisis of the Conte 2 government was already in the air. The teacher was summoned on Tuesday 8 November by the prosecutors of Rome assisted by the lawyer Julius Vasaturo. The meeting was then announced in an episode of the Report broadcast and Mancini presented a complaint. It is in that proceeding that the head of the Security Information Department Elisabetta Belloni was heard as a witness in defensive investigations solicited by Mancini’s lawyers opposing state secrecy on the functioning of the secret services.

“It must be decidedly excluded, without fear of contradiction, that someone could have opposed the state secrecy on the relationship between my client and the information and security services since this alleged connection, hypothesized exclusively by Senator Matteo Renzi, was and is completely non-existent – explained the lawyer – My client has already amply clarified its position before the Judicial Authority, also demonstrating in a documentary and, therefore, incontrovertible manner the randomness of his presence at the Fiano Romano autogrill and, obviously, his absolute extraneousness to intelligence apparatus. As a simple and irreproachable citizen, in attending that meeting between the former prime minister and, clearly, another exponent of the Public Administration, as he too has an institutional escortshe had the curiosity to document the episode that took place in a place and in ways that are objectively unusual – continues Vasaturo – precisely because, as admirably reaffirmed by Senator Renzi himself, every decent person ‘should not be afraid of those who exercise of power in our country’ but must indeed actively work to contribute to the democratic control of the work of those who hold very important public roles, my client (exceptionally) considered that the documentation of that meeting in a public space, among the ‘former prime minister and other public official, was potentially of public interest and, therefore, journalistic”.

The woman was traveling from Rome to the North together with her mother and sick father to spend Christmas. On the way, the man felt unwell. While he was waiting for his father outside the bathroom, he first saw Mancini arrive with the escort and then a burgundy red Audi from which Matteo Renzi got out. In the meantime, the woman had taken her father back to the car for a drink chamomile taken at the bar. So she decided to document the meeting in an unusual place.

My assistant was unable to hear anything of the conversation between the two, except for the final greetings exchanged by the interlocutors as they approached his car, positioned practically close to their institutional cars – continues the lawyer – being overtaken shortly after at high speed only by Senator Renzi’s car and not by his interlocutor’s vehicle, while driving along the motorway lane from the Fiano Romano gate moves towards Florence, my client simply deduced, with an obvious inference of common sense, that the other interlocutor must have taken the opposite route towards Rome. In final silence of each appellant and misleading inference on the point, it should therefore be specified that in fact my client only had the opportunity to see Senator Renzi’s car as he drove north on the motorway and only logically deduced stringent, what was the different direction taken by Dr. Mancini. The motorway coupon was also produced to the judicial authority which confirms, if ever there was a need, the times and direction of travel of my client’s car”. “My client has no reason for particular hostility towards Senator Renzi and has not benefited, of any kind, from this affair which indeed has caused and entails a certain amount of apprehension in this town, an exemplary mother and teacher who inspired all his life to the value of legality. Having learned that Senator Renzi has expressed an understandable desire to get to know personally the ‘professor’ to whom he has referred several times in recent months, this defender immediately places himself at the disposal of the former prime minister and his lawyers in order to favour, already in the coming days, a direct conversation between the parties. My client would be very happy to meet Senator Renzi”. When in April he saw a report service on an alleged “conspiracy” to favor the fall of the Conte 2 government and contacted the editorial staff via the email indicated on the program’s Facebook page. Which then in May aired the service.

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