Renowned doctor shocks about Jágr: It is not visible, but …

“I think Jard admits the stress, but we all have different ways to fight him. it is not visible, but he is very internally vulnerable. However, he has learned to work with it during his sports career and he manages it. He has an admirable motivation, that as a former NHL star he is able to play for Kladno in the first league in Frýdek-Místek. After all, this is a huge difference, especially at his age, “believes physiotherapist Pavel Kolář (58) in the magazine Téma.

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The legendary Jágr humorously reacts to a song about him. Baby? I think it will be!

“The nature of movement. He plays hockey with care for his body, he does not destroy it with badly learned movements. That is the cause of his longevity. For example, tennis player Federer has the same, “Kolář revealed the essence of Jard’s sporting longevity again in Blesk. Sometimes, however, the associate professor had to intervene, for example, he already fixed the knee or little finger of the legendary hockey player.

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Jaromír Jágr: I know that people behind the back slandered me!

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