Renault teams up with Jean-Michel Jarre for the sound signature of its future electric cars

The musician Jean-Michel Jarre will help Renault to develop an unprecedented sound experience within its future electric models. The idea is to develop an irreproachable audio system, but also to offer a typical sound environment for each journey.

The rise of electric cars completely changes our relationship to sound, both outside and inside the cabin. This is where Jean-Michel Jarre comes in, who will sign the new sound signature of future models of Renault. It will include a welcome sequence on entering the car, the configuration of the audio system as a whole (components, locations, algorithms) as well as the exterior sound emitted by the electric vehicle below 30 km/h, in order to warn pedestrians of its presence.

Immersive and individual acoustics


A first example is revealed with Scenic Visionwhich presents itself as a pioneering concept car in matter of sustainable development. The so-called “Less is more” philosophy, or how to do better with less, is here adapted to the sound experience, with the ambition of developing an audio system using a minimum of components, for an unprecedented experience on board. In the Scenic Vision, this takes the form of a mid-bass loudspeaker installed in each gate, all complemented by a system of sound bubbles “Sound Bubbles” installed in each head restraint. Passengers thus benefit from high-quality, immersive and individual acoustics.

On the other hand, Jean-Michel Jarre will participate in the artistic development of the very first “Sonic Roads” algorithm, a sort of ideal soundtrack of his journey, played according to the driver’s musical tastes and contextual parameters. such as places visited, landscapes, weather report or just the time of day.

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