Renault Mobilize, the platform for mobility services. Now the profits are made like this

Mobilizethe signed platform Renaultwill collect a wide range of servicesrelated to mobility and not only, aimed at both individuals and professionals and the business world: these will be financial services (therefore insurance, payments, financing, with Mobilize Financial Services), energy (with Mobilize Smart Charge and Charge Pass, for the installation of charging infrastructure) and maintenance and repair.

In short, everything will revolve around the business model of the vehicle-as-a-servicewhere at the center there is no longer the actual production of vehicles but a range of offers diversified to this related: and if today Renault – which has just concluded an agreement with Geely Auto for the acquisition of 34.02% of the shares of Renault Korea -, in the automotive sector, it is (still) a manufacturer, tomorrow it could also become a supplier.

In the presentation event of Mobilize’s strategic plan Luca De MeoCEO of the French group, explains that Mobilize starts from “three system bugs”, which are then transformed into opportunityand represented by a very wide gap between the actual use of vehicles and their costs, by a very rapid loss of value (about 50% after the first three years) and by a now clear and problematic environmental impact of the automotive industry .

In this sense, the goal of Mobilize is to solve these “bugs” by overcoming the concept of centrality of possession of the vehicle in favor of that of theusein different forms: therefore car sharing but also long term rental and formulas of subscription.

As for the first, the brand – already active in 24 countries with over 7,000 cars in use and coming soon to Milan – with “Zity” offers a 100% electric range and specifically designed for shared use: this means, as he explains Patrick Lecharpyof the Mobilize Design, the vehicles are “easy to clean, maintain and repair, to minimize the total cost of use”.

If for sharing, the proposed range will soon be represented by the small Duo (coming in 2023), 95% recyclable, and from its cargo version called Bento (for small logistics), for subscription services, on the other hand, it is Silt the model, a full electric sedan designed both to be a taxi and for rental services with driver.

This is because Renault – he explains Clotilde DelbosCEO of the brand – sees the target of Mobilize not only in individuals and companies for small fleets, but also in operators mobility such as taxi drivers, drivers, NCC operators, to whom we can offer passes including insurance, maintenance, recharge and assistance, through the dedicated division mobilize Driver Solutions. Target by 2030: fleet of 1 million rental vehicles and 200,000 subscription vehicles.

“We see ourselves as a force based on the vehicle-as-a-service business model,” Delbos said, “it means we won’t sell vehicles, but serviceswhich will allow us to generate revenues and minimize the cost of use for our customers “.

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