Renault, agreement with Punch Torino to develop Euro 7 diesel engines

The engine diesel he is a dead man walking. Or maybe not? Despite a strong electrification policy, Renault signed a binding memorandum of understanding with Punch Turina company born from the ashes of GM Powertrain Turin and specialized in the design of… turbodiesel engines. Already. The Italian-French collaboration will be used to develop engines 4 cylinders fueled by diesel and intended for commercial vehicles light.

More concretely, theagreement will allow Punch Torino to purchase, use and resell current and future Renault 4-cylinder diesels. In addition, French and Italian technicians will collaborate on the development of the same in order to make them more efficient and compatible with future environmental standards 7 euros. The first commercial vehicles equipped with the aforementioned engines – which will be manufactured at the establishment Renault’s Cleon (pictured) in Normandy – will hit the market in 2025.

“We are delighted to partner with Punch Torino, who will be sourcing Renault 4-cylinder diesel engines for their light commercial vehicle customers,” he commented. Gilles Le Borgne, Groupe Renault Engineering Director: “It is concrete proof of the importance of the Horse Project, which opens up new market opportunities. The sharing of skills and investment is of paramount importance to develop combustion engines a low emissions capable of meeting future European regulations and providing our customers with best-in-class solutions, while reducing environmental impact”.

“Our history as part of an automotive manufacturer has certainly helped us to gain the credibility necessary to establish this collaboration. We look forward to seizing the opportunities offered by an even wider range of engines,” he added Pierpaolo AntonioliChief Technology Officer of the Punch Group and CEO of Punch Torino.

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