Renata Fan shares new photos and video from vacation in Maldives: “Breathtaking”

the presenter Renata Fan used his Instagram page, this Thursday (13/01), to share new photos from his vacation in the Maldives.

With more than 6.3 million followers, the presenter of Open game, from Band, was impressed with the paradisiacal landscapes of the place.

“Apart from the unruly hair, the straightening of the chain in the middle of the way, the gooey sunscreen on the face and the attempt to look natural, there is a breathtaking sea that leaves an experienced presenter speechless!”, she joked.

In her Instagram Stories, the journalist shared photos to show the water on the way out of the gym: “It looks like a painting, right? But it is the exit from the academy”, he revealed.

Before that, Renata used the social network to show the sunset seen from the plane, the boat ride to the place where she stayed, and even enjoyed the sea aboard a bikini.

In a previous post, Renata Fan made a point of saying that she “loves work”, but that she needed to enjoy a vacation after almost two years of work. She also showed the sunset seen from the plane and the boat on the way to the resort where she is staying:

“Practically two years later, I can effectively say I’m on vacation! I love my job with all my strength and concentration, but now I’m going to enjoy a few days!!! Follow @jogoaberto with the Band team and thank you so much for the daily partnership and respect for me! See you later!!!!” he posted.

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