Renata Dominguez reveals pregnancy at age 42 and shows her belly in a photo with her son’s ultrasound. Look!

Renata Dominguez announced the first child pregnancy with a post on Instagram, this Thursday (21). The 42-year-old actress posted a photo of herself holding an ultrasound of the baby and talked about fulfilling her dream of becoming a mother. But Renata is not the only pregnant, other celebrities revealed that they will also be mothers – some are a little more experienced and others will be first-time mothers.

GR-Á-VIDOS. How I waited to live this… God is wonderful! Who knew that kiss (stolen) was the meeting with the love of my life… And after 3 years of this dream come true, God’s answer came! Love you my love! Forever. Our greatest gift is already on the way… Thank you for living together the greatest love that exists”, wrote the artist, thanking her husband.

Renata Dominguez and Leandro Gléria have been together for three years and got married in a luxury ceremony in São Paulo in March 2021.

Renata Dominguez talks about plans to get pregnant


At Carnival, Renata Dominguez opened up about the couple’s attempts to have their first child. “I was undergoing treatment to get pregnant, taking hormones. Now we’re trying again, I’m living this moment. There comes an age when our biological clock beeps and there’s no way to escape it”, she told “Quem”.

“Today, 40 is the new 30, but the organism has not followed this evolution, so it is a struggle, but I hope to give good news about it soon because we have not given up. It is a dream of ours. possibilities in a natural way, if they run out, we go to IVF. The deadline is the results of my exams, the time is now, I can’t wait any longer, so we’re trying everything”, he said at the time.

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