Remembrance Day, Edith Bruck: “Does everything end with the last witnesses? It would be sad and serious for the future of young people. I think there’s something left.”

“I have heard Liliana when he said that with us it all endsthat does not hope that much of the memory remains and I was very sorry to hear this. I believe that something remains, that our testimony, our books, our verses, our shouting, our crying have not been in vain. That would very sad and bitter for humanity itself. Not for us, but precisely for young people, for the future of young people, for a slightly better world, it would be very serious if everything we said, everything we wrote and everything that happened had been in vain”. Thus the Hungarian naturalized Italian writer, poet, translator and director, witness of the Shoah Edith Bruckhost of Sky TG24, underlining that, in any case, “everyone can think what he believes”.

I believe that perhaps the poor Jewish class somehow has a different culture, a culture almost of more hope, more positivity. Bourgeois Jews like Germans have committed suicide in many, for example. They were deeply offended because they were very much part of Italian society. We were always persecuted. In short, I believe that the poor have more hope than the rich or well-to-do”, has continued. Then she concluded: “I don’t think it will all be canceled or forgotten. It will stay, it will stay, it will stay. I want to believe, if it doesn’t exist I invent it, I can’t live without hope. I can’t think it was in vain” to speak for 62 years. to speak understood now.

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