Remembered? José Loreto assumes an affair with Gabi Martins and explains why he publicly denied ex-‘BBB’

Gabi Martins x José Loreto: the relationship between the two artists has already become a soap opera as interesting as “Pantanal”, a TV Globo serial that the actor currently stars in. After denying involvement and earning a cross response from the ex-“BBB”, the actor went back and finally decided to confess that they stayed.

In conversation with columnist Lucas Pasin, from UOL, José Loreto assumes that he stayed with Gabi Martins, but says he does not remember when it happened. “Didn’t want to expose. It’s an intimacy of mine and hers. But since she said that we stayed, I’m not going to drive her crazy, right? No way. I’m no liar. Since she exposed it, I say yes, we stayed once and that’s it,” said the actor.

Still in an interview with Pasin, Loreto denies having stayed with Gabi during Carnival and said that he enjoyed the revelry accompanied by his family. The actor even criticized the overexposure. “I think it’s unnecessary to expose everyone we’re left with in life. If I’m going to say all the ones I stayed, screwed. I hope this doesn’t give you more pages and pages. I’m working hard,” she explained.



Gabi seems not to have been happy after being publicly denied by José. In a statement to columnist Fábia Oliveira, from Em Off, she reinforced that she did not lie about the hookup. “I’m a real woman, there’s no reason for me to lie. We are single and life goes on“, he stated.

At the time, Gabi had confirmed the stay to columnist Lucas Pasin, same vehicle that Loreto chose to disprove it. “I don’t know where they got it from. Nothing happened.“, said the actor, a day before admitting the truth.

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