Remember him? Isis Valverde’s ex-husband exchanges hot kisses with a blonde on a beach day. Photos!

Model André Resende enjoyed this Thursday afternoon (17) on a beach in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Separated from Isis Valverde, with whom he has a son, the boy enjoyed Rio’s sands accompanied by a blonde. According to Who magazine, this is the nutritionist Letícia Ribeiro.

André and Letícia exchanged hot kisses in front of the sea and also walked hugging the sands of the beach. The lovebirds follow each other on Instagram, but there is still no confirmation about the couple’s real relationship status. Isis has not yet assumed any relationship after the divorce, but has been the subject of rumors of an affair with a millionaire recently.

To check André’s photos with the new affair, access the photo gallery above!



The end of the marriage between Isis and André was confirmed by the couple in a note sent to the press. Minutes later, she made a point of going to social media to talk to fans about the matter.

🇧🇷When a love transforms and a relationship ends, it doesn’t mean that relationship didn’t work out. Love continues, but in another way, as well as respect. And in the name of respect and transparency, I would like to tell you that André and I, after 6 years, decided to follow different paths. We will always continue to be part of each other’s lives, especially since we have a greater love in common: Rael. He will always be our priority,” she assured.

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